Tuesday, October 02, 2012

There's some THINGS I love

That it's garbage day!! But it isn't GARBAGE day!!

It's recycling and green waste day !! How exciting is that ... a world that believes in protecting our space for generations to come. I like that.

Or course with that I am needing to put out my TWO DEAD cedar trees that i let dry up since the home reno has started.


Well, not really an ooops ... but a case of ... they were getting ratty anyways, and didn't quite fit in with the front of the house project any longer, and CLEARLY the ones that I have growing in the backyard are not holding their own either. Move one. Next plan.

In other things that I LOVE:

The PIP announces her arrival in my bedroom this morning and states her case why she ISN'T going to school.  OK ... uhmm ... can you fill in the online absence form for the school too? OK .. too much .. I managed it. I love that about her somedays .. no being wishywashy maybebaby thinkIcan sort of chick. No, her throat is sore, she needs to rest. End of conversation, even when there wasn't one.... on my end.

The BOY texts me from the bathroom, and asks me what day it is. From his gadget. GAWD. I love this boy, and his weirdness. I am going to contact that school today .. and ask them to stop calling on his behalf telling me that he was either late or absent.... he has been late to his first class every single day since school started, and I will garauntee that will not change. The way I see it .. is that he is on time for his SECOND AND THIRD classes ... which are his ACADEMICS, and not a frothy Recording Arts class, which does have it's importance, but I take my fortunes (as in already being at school) where I can get it.

The dog went for a quick car ride this morning (how else does the boy make it to school ??), he stared down at the floor the entire time, on the edge of his seat ... he forgot that he could have made his way to the back of the Mazda5 for the movie window episode. Maybe tomorrow .. because LAWD knows .. I'm giving the Jimmy a ride tomorrow too ... and for the next 8 months ... until the government funded education system is done ... and so is my ride allocation.

The husbandman actually gave me a list today ... of things that I should consider purchasing. What a BOSSY guy he is. At least I am not having to do the purchasing of supplies to build the homeland. That would be messy. I am in charge of the food stuffs .. of course the dinner foodstuffs is the hardest ... as he nevers offers up sugrstions, and I am forever drumming up ideas, for a woman that wishes to never cook ... or .. in reality .. would be happy eating eggs, toast, yogurt, chicken and lettuce 437 days in the year. Odd.

But that is what I LOVE.

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