Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy October FIRST

Yes ... when did July and August and now September slip through the cracks and we have found ourself in the hotseat of October?

Miss Fussalot leaves in 27 days for Ottawa. That should be exciting ... for her. That girl is the travel loving queen ... I can't wait until we can actually do it on a regular basis ... all the time ... for any reason, other than just to explore.

One day I might make a bucket list. Everything and the kitchen sink that I have ever thought about doing ... might as well get the super pack of paper ready ... this could be       L        O              N                   G.

The husbandman worked nonstop this past week, almost every waking hour possible that could be afforded him .. he worked on this little house. There is never anything I could ever do that could quite possibly match his workmanship. If that's a word .. in Deannaland .. anything is a word. I might take up drawing again one day ... or painting ... interestingly .. he can draw too.

He even has a mental list prepared in his head for all the continued work that has to happen for this massive job to be done. Clearly my brain and in reality skill level doesn't even begin to compute like his brain does. He asked me for the time yesterday ... he then registered it, and started to break down the number of hours it was going to take to finish the job of painting the fascia boards. I guess when you spend that many hours building and working and thinking, the job eventually gets completely broken down into parts and units of time. On top of that he suggested a plan for in front of the deck, for a garden. Not surprisingly I loved the idea.

I think being left handed I am more of a visionary .. someone that sees the picture in their head, but really doesn't make a big master plan as to how everything will be executed. Which is probably why I couldn't be a builder ... I do three or four things at once around this little place, and eventually my envisioned project list is accomplished, but without the complete semblence of order and precision as to the husbandman.

In an effort to continue to do small jobs around the homestead, without taxing the healing process of the freaking awful situation with the foot, I decided to empty out "this" pot, then I am watering "that spot", then I am pulling out weeds, but now I am clearing away the ugly summer flowers, wait, now I am getting rid of a dead cedar, next I am plucking the rest of my tomatoes, and suddenly I am pulling out the vines and morning glory that emerge from the neighbours back yards, and then I am fixing the hose that comes from our water barrel, suddenly I am filling the holes from the dandelion remover and then on to snipping away at the shrivelling greenery. Oh, and then all of a sudden ... I stop .. and look around ... with the exception of two pots missing .. everything continues to look the same .. and what exactly had I accomplished .. and now .. the foot needs a rest.

So now .. for the rest of October .. I am going to plan my attack. It's a semi challenging one .. because I will get so far .. and then slip back into the way that I like to work .. and that's with many distractions, sidejobs and offshoots of smaller things. I guess at the end of the day .. my goals of cleaning the yard will be achieved ... and lets just be happy that it wasn't me doing this renovation ... yes, be very thankful !!

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