Saturday, October 20, 2012

R U serious ??

A couple of ridiculous events this week:

Things like a small MI ... cause the ECASA 81 mg was agreed upon to discontinue, and the BP meds decreased.



"WE are doing a gig in Kamploops, and getting paid $200.00" ... the end of November.


(Why don't I just pay you $300.00 to just stay home ?)


"I need these boots, and this coat .. all way too much money, but I really like them ..." to go away for 7 days.


So, I guess I have to give the gutter guy the $1100.00 that I have been carrrying around in my pocket, but this is MY money for the Jeep Fund". (LETS be clear here ... we have NO MONEY left to keep renovating with .. but somehow we are still doing it .. and a JEEP fund manages to exist ... )


For the FIRST time in 13 years of someone's education .. they are getting an A in something that isn't music.... something that actually takes brains to get an A in.


The heats not on, but the space heater is plugged in.


Is 60 grams of protein too  much for one day?


I wonder if this Viagra is really working ?


Caramel should just not exist on it's own in my home, of course with a handful of almonds at the ready also.


AT some point something is going to happen ... one can not send THAT many CRAZED emails and people don't begin to wonder.


Having your friend slam the door an additional three times, doesn't lock it any easier.


Maybe next month I'll manage to get that paycheque in hand... the one owing from August.


Change is afoot ... will work to make it happen.


Yes people, all true ... all true. My life in a weekly one sentence story. I could only imagine if I really had something important to say ... what I could potentially come up with.


Anonymous said...

I'm still getting over the "viagra" comment.

good grief..I cant sign in...

LarryLilly said...

That is a week, one that makes you weak. But that MI, what is that all about? Hope it resolves itself.

Deanna said...

The little MI is not mine .. but my mothers .. who went off the ASA ... the doc thinks a little chunk of plaque spewed away, sending her into a little bit of chest pain ... everyone is back on track ... well sort of.