Monday, September 10, 2012

Shee - oot

I've got to take off today and do some real working. Kind of fake - real working. GAWD Lowd above I hope I survive.

I am not prepared, not I am interested in being prepared ... I am just willing to go, do my thing .. meet the peeps, hand out papers, give them an overview, exchange information ... all that big overwhelming stuffs and such ... and much more ... I am glad for those that have been coming to the group for a while ... they know the routine .. they just like seeing and chatting .. and doing whatever comes their way ... I have some new members .. they are going to proove to be challenging ... not sure how I am going to fix this ... I might have a room full today .. or not .. all the same .. I know I have to make big efforts to get the bugs sorted out .. and quickly !!

In other things ... well .. that can all wait ... AND that's why they call it .. a cliffhanger !

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