Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A little more than a day

I dislike the numerical value of this day.

The weather this morning is similar to the temperatures from eleven years ago... except that my little boy was in Grade One, and my princess doll, well she was just busy being a princess doll. Again... time flies when one is off doing things that consume each and every day.

I remember walking home with someone and wondering if I should leave my child at school ... this far away from the horrors that had taken place hours earlier ... but not knowing what was going to occur in the remaining hours, it was an odd feeling.

My brother in law was in Chicago on business, and had to make his way home by way of land travel, he had been at an airport waiting to board a plane.

What a horrible unfolding of events ... again .. history in the making, and on many levels impacted how we conduct our everyday lives.

In more things numerical:

My washing machine is broken, .... so I called a repairman .. hopefully by the end of the day I will be washing (!!!) clothes, and not shoppng for a new machine.

I'm still looking for a bike to ride .. I have one ... BUT .. it is the only mode of rolling transportation that the chicklets have access to ... so I know the second I use my windtrainer ... and get it all set up to my likings and happiness ... something will happen, someone will need the bike ... and there you have it operation windtraining will be dismantled... I just know stuff ...

Egg time. Gonna make me some eggs. With some cheese. Feta actually, with tomatoes. I would add some bacon bits, but I do not have any. I need to go condiment shopping. AS well as go get my tire that keeps losing air sorted out. AND buy a new bra. I need a new bra... since I am not going to resew my underwires back into my other ones, since I have already done it ... twice.

I have already packed my green waste container ... how amazing of me ... the time spent standing on the foot ... utilized to fill my green waste container with sticks and other assorted yard materials.

The bear found the husbandman last night ... the little doggy character was fierce in his barking, but also stood strong, with the barking. Way to go little four month old doggykins. The little guys fur is absolutely incredibly soft ... kinda cool ... like a live version of a stuffed animal .. except this one has the habit of biting .. hard & often. He will outgrow it .. much to the DEATH of his stuffed DO -DO birds that we have given him .. that squeak .. a lot ... until he destroys the squeaks in them .. however .. they also seem to make him happy .. so who cares... he's biting the DO-DO birds .. and not me ...

Well should move on ... to egg making and other related invents of the morning routine ...


LarryLilly said...

Aniversaries are not repeating. We have a calendar that reminds us of our trekking through the cosmos, a sort of Carl sagan way to say we have past this place before. In reality time is kinear, not circular. That day is well behind us and getting diommer each day. trust me, i lost my daughter almost 20 years ago, and to survive her passing, I told myself that each decmeber 6 does not mean the same as the one back in 1992. No, time truly is linear, its just that sometimes we wish it would give us a new enlightenment to change the future by making changes to the present. but that doesnt happen.

Deanna said...

I'ts hard to live with that switch getting dimmer everyday, where it once brought you so much light. But as painful as it is, you have to move forward, which is not easy. In an effort to maintain my own inner peace and happiness, I chose to forget about the date at which my father passed away, but rather thought about the day he was born, and the light he brought into his own parents eyes. I celebrate his birthday every year, (in my own silent way), and buy a gift (book) for him (me!) ... We equate much of our happiness based on time, and in reality time is as fluid as we are, constant - and always changing.