Monday, October 01, 2012

If I had ...

Something new to report ..

It would have already been said.


Who's not reading my mind out there in the internet world.

Well .. in happenings of completely missing ones life:

Can't get a picture of a bear ... even when one has been tranquilized in a tree. Actually .. I didn't want to get a picture of the bear, ... only because I was thinking maybe the people just told people that it was tranquilized ... and then transported to be euthanized ... might not be the case ... but that is the way my head works.

There are no bears down the road. NONE. Whatsoever. I'm not even sure they exist any longer down there !!

Well ... I confirmed it ... my friend that lives right down their in the bear zone said she hasn't seen any for weeks. The blueberry farmers have installed electric fences, and the city is busy digging up part of the forest .. which may have just been enough to send all these bruins packing ...minus the guy that was already living on our street.

Odd. Highly odd.

FOUND the above post in the DRAFT section.


Last night went to go fetch the boy ... when I returned with him ... we encountered the super large 500 pound bear ... couldn't even get a picture of him .. since I was busy driving and dodging the cars on the street, and watching him emerge from peoples backyards ..I scared him back into the field ... which I am certain once we were parked and into our homestead .. he went back to his wonderlust ways.

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