Monday, October 22, 2012

Time to be thankful:

The pictures below might just be the best pics I will get of my favourite black furry creatures .. it seems that winter, (even though it's fall) has hit .. and with the temperatures rapidly approaching zero ... my furry wonders will be hightailing for their winter slumberlands very quickly now ... I can not freaking believe how much time has passed me by, and I really want to know where it went.

COME hellish highwater .. I am going scrapbooking this weekend ... on Saturday ... if I am even at work ... then I will go after ... I don't care if I sit and crimp paper in my paper crimpy thing for 6 hours ... that is what I am doing.

Of course baring in mind that Miss Pippy leaves at something like 4 in the morning for her flight ... so I guess I have to factor in that sort of time factor tiredness. RATS.

Not sure what is going on in the heat department. WE have NOT turned ours on yet ... I am thinking it has something to do with the fact that the sir wishes to change the furnace filter .. I keep meaning to txt him and ask if I could expedite the process by purchasing the furnace filter .. or in fact ... he probably has one in the incredible shrinking garage. Currently a little space heater is spewing warm air through out the kitchen .. which filters into most of the living space. How lovely. This morning it was 2 degrees. Hopefully I will txt him soon.

He put in the stairs last night for the little but very big additon. He says they are not up to code. They are 3/8's out. I insisted he rip the whole structure out, and start again, and this time do it right ! GAWD. Not. good lord .. do you know how happy I am to walk up some front steps to my front door !!! I believe it was back in May when they went missing !

Our neighbour called ... he said he saw someone taking pictures of the front of the house. My fear .. a city building inspector ... being a busy body on a Sunday. Not just a happy onlooker gathering home reno ideas.

The big furry boy is losing teeth again DAILY. This is a happy event for me. And to the others who have been taking a hand beating by him gnawing on us ...!

The boys have resolved to take the Greyhound to Kamloops. TWO other sets of parents were most not thrilled with the fact that they were heading up country on that killer highway ... they have a bit more work getting the logistics figured out .. and hopefully this will fly.

I managed to make ANOTHER drs appt for me and my broken foot today, rather than Thursday. I am ever so thankful she wasn't FULL to the rafters with people, as she usually is. I have a real sneaking suspicision that somehow the twice a day antibiotics have not been enough to cover the infection that might be dwelling deep in my foot, but remains a mystery .... however .. with the increased level of pain over the past week and a half I have a niggling thought that something isn't right. WEll, it hasnt been right since ... oh ... March I believe.

If I could come up with a plan expeditiously I would be most grateful ... since I have to be someplace in less than two hours ... go me .. NOT leaving things till the last second .. hmmmm.

I have received the humorous and slightly crazy emails from a person that puts them in not so favourable light ... however ... I have them in my possession .. and am so thankful that I can have them as evidence that the money person is slightly a bit on the CRAZY side .. and hopefully the association that I am affiliated with will be able to see that for themselves .. after they get a letter from another persons lawyer .. stating that they money guy is doing things that are just wrong ... including being quite simply a bully when it comes to paying us ... or not paying us ... which is what he whimsically decides to do if we do not give him exactly what he wants the second he asks for it. In the eyes of the law .. I believe that is wrong.

In other things ... still have not come up with a plan .. and hopefully it will come to me the very second i ... PUBlish !! ..

Later my friends !

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