Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Well wasn't that a party!

No, really ... a great one.

A singular party of one.

That is all.

A great deal of time has slipped away from me ... so much so .. that July on this blog didn't even happen. I don't even think July really happened. Not sure how that is so, but it is ... and July is well and gone, and we are heading into the second week of August. Not sure how that has happened again .. but that is where we are at.


However ... being that the months have come and gone .. didn't mean theat was without greatness nor excitement ... because there is, and has been!

Life in the little home has been expanding .. in ways that make your heart sing!

Angus arrived on July 16th. Wow ... what a little fireball of spunk and spitfire. He is as handsome as the day is long, the iphone is extremely handy for handling the ten trillion pictures that I take of him, on top of instagraming him. Hey .. have a gadget .. must use it excessively. Maybe one day if I get my complete self together .. I might even upload pictures to here. But only if I am feeling lucky!

So .. since the furry boy has arrived in the homeland .. I have never seen the fine craftsman husband in our bed since. Yes, readers .. do laugh !! I too find it amazingly peaceful having the big bed all to myself ... BUT .. there is a story that goes with that ...

The fine craftsman husband found himself sleeping with his dog rather than his wife due to the commitment he made to himself to ensure that the little Angus boy would never have to be on his own, in his first weeks at home with the crazy family. AND .. too boot .. the husbandman began work on the homeland structure, and simply due to the fact that every single morning he woke up, and his back was not one iota sore nor stiff, he felt that he would curse himself if he made the attempt to re-enter the current sleeping arrangements of the last 21 years. Perhaps sleeping with the wife has been the curse .. and his devotion to his dog has turned out to be a good thing.

In things that continue to be good .. our little house has started with a complete make-over. Holy crumble towns folks ... it is one hot mess living down this end of the street. Well .. a mess it isn't, but a beautiful transformation in the making ... all done by the Fine Mr. Craftsman Husbandman .. who deserves more than a ready meal and a glass of red wine.... but that is for another day.

Unfortunately .. last night ... we had a massive thunderstorm .. and while our beautiful porch is still under construction .. so is the roof,, so while it was completely tarped off from complete wetness ... our storm watching porch wasn't available to us yet .. since there was water pouring all over the place ... I will hope for even a bigger better storm in the months to come .. where we can roll up our lounge chairs and enjoy the chaos!

The second youngest male of the family has been busying himself with his beautiful and lovely girlfriend .. his band .. and his work. He has yet to start his Science 10 .. but that will come in time .. I am thinking ... The band released their CD ... a very fine piece of music .. we invited all the people that the MusicMan has known in his life .. and people got to see them perform. It was a nice moment to share with family and friends ... kind of like a religious event that one would go to .. if one was very religious ... for us .. this was as close as it got ...

Oh .. in other exciting news .. I went to see Neil Diamond. A very spur of the moment (in the end) event ... and was without a doubt so thrilled to have seen him. More importantly I got to see him at the same time the boy got to see him ... not that we went together, but we shared the same experience. I am ever so greatful that the boy has the same passion for Neil's style of music, and firmly believe that this will only enhance and build on what this boy has already done, and has yet to do in the future. That boy of mine has grown in leaps and bounds beyond my scope of imagination in this last year. Wow.

The girl is without a doubt the most amazing young lady that I know. I enrolled her in voice lessons yesterday. It was my one job that I had to do .. and if I didn't have it done by the end of the day .. I would not have been allowed to rest. This lovely chickster has continued to blossom into a stunning dahlia ... I would say rose .. but this girl has no thorns .. she is just lovely, lovely, lovely from top to bottom, inside out. I admire her, she has spent almost every week as a volunteer at a summer day camp .. and has performed amazingly. The leaders that are in the program all wish for her to be with their group. Her ability to work with all types of kids is beyond amazing, for someone of her age. She is greatness, on all levels. Wow.

In things that one would not speak of ...

I have been completely thrown off the bus, under the train, behind the boat, adrift in the snow. I used to run, I used to walk, I used to .. I used to .. I used to .. interestingly I have not lost my momentum .. however the sheer pain and agony of waking up in the morning, and putting my little sad right foot on the ground is enough to send a bear running FROM one of the garbage cans. It's like reverse OCD ... because every thing you do involves taking a step, or moving .. I am reminded constantly that I have an electric fence sitting on the top of my foot .. and every time I move it lets me know ... however .. I hope I am beginning to make some ground on repairing this strange and horribly life altering situation .. because .. now I have Manuka Honey on board. As odd as that sounds.

In things that are not horrible .. but have me temporarily puzzled ... I can not remember if I gave away my Sugoi pants or not ... I dont' think I did .. but then .. I can't seem to remember that in a fit of frenzy I decided that I really didn't like them .. and in fact gave them away. What an idiot. I removed every folded piece of material from my closet last week ... looking for them ... and alas have come up short.... well .. I will keep looking since I am all OCD like and have convinced myself that I would not have given them away, given the praciticality of the cheapness in me!

Not sure about this instagram business ... I downloaded that App .. and now I am hooked ... good lawd woman .. really ... this is how you spend your time?? Oh well ... I do not have an attention span to read a book .. so this is the next best thing to managing my time while not being able to do as much as I like ... well .. I like to take pictures of the little guy ... so it works .. for me... for the time being!

And that is all ... for today. I have missed countless peoples birthdays, and other odd assorted congratulations .. but when one exists to get through the moment ... well .. it is what it is ... I'm still looking for the correct lottery numbers so I can do the big life excursions that I would love to do .. in the meantime .. I will skulk down to the bear crazed area .. and hope for a good shot that way!

Happy picturing ... !

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LarryLilly said...

An explosion of words and without a program to fill in the blanks, some scenes need deciphering but oh well, the thoughts flowed like a torrent of a summer mountain flood down the steep valley.

Great to see a post.