Thursday, October 11, 2012

AS good as it gets I guess.

Here is lil guy. He has grown. Except for his teeth. I am still waiting on those, to arrive. Anytime now would be appreciated.

Finally. A momma, and her cubs ... if only at a distance. I talked to some people from Tennessee while watching these guys, they were happy to come across them. They do not know how happy I was to come across them.

It doesn't matter how many pictures I take of trees, sky and road, ... I never tire of them. I am not sure what my love affair is with landscape, other than it is always changing, and everyday a new picture is created.

I thought he was dead, and stuck to the plant. I was watering my ugly flowers, and stumbled across him, .. so I quickly left, got my camera, switched lenses, readied for the shot on the way back .. because I assumed he wouldn't be there .. and he was .. so this was as close as I could to get to him, and just reach out and try and hope for the best that the camera was actually on him. I took a couple ... but then he woke from his nap and flew off ..

Why .. why Deanna why .. what is the unfortunate situation between me and the bears .. I can't figure out why I can't seem to capture these beauties .. even in full daylight ... clear frame ... and nobody around ... well .. I guess I will figure that out another day ... and be happy with this .. clearly a lucky day!
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