Sunday, September 30, 2012

Well this is odd:

I welcomed the rain the other day.

You see, when there is lack of anything exciting to talk about ... weather is a good ground breaker.

There, broken ground.... full of water. That subject is well, done.

Yes, comedy ... with me it's semi sort of. Bursts of humour, and then NOTHING .. for a long time. I guess I have been saving myself. I think.

I though it was better to leave the month on a high note, rather than no note at all. All going well, today there wouldn't have been a note either, because I was supposed to be at work. But I am not. Not that I do not wish to be at work .. but I am wishing to be better first, work second. That will happen in another two weeks. I will be better. I BELIEVE.

In other great thoughts and adventures. I think I talked about instagra.m a while back .. probably my last post .. since I don't have that many to pick from! ANYWAYS .. I love that app .. it is the funnest thing in the world to me right now .. since all my words with friends have sort of stopped playing .. I am going to have to go back to random opponents ... at least that way ... there is no sadness when I surpass their score. It sometimes isn't about the words, but the strategy, since I am not a word whore, but a thinker about possible moves before they happen. So yes, instagramming ... it's the next best thing to be being a great photographer, without having the great skills. Of course there is a little perspective finding .. but how I love it! Probably because it is simple in all reality ... but then, why complicate things .. because you know .. that just gets complicated then!

Little dog isn't little. He's a big dog. Probably should post a picture, again .. they are all on my phone. Sorry. Oops. I have to stop and think how old he is ... 4 1/2 months. He's a little talker backer right now, and loves the couch. Except he isn't allowed on the couch .. and in fact .. I think it's darn right hilarious that he throws his body deep into the aging leather couch, and I scoop him off, the whole time he is telling me his teenage dog stories, until I put the baby gate on the couch, then that stops him, and he curls up in his pink towel laden basket. He's learning his place ... GIRLS rule. .. take that you black and white seeing lovely soft crazy guy !!

My girlie girl for real has taken to braiding her hair. Sometimes. WE have progress, because next year .. it's learner licence central for her .. so eventually we have to grow up !!

The PORCH is slowly progressing. Working man continues to work hard. Very hard. What a guy, huge admiration for his dedication. The MEN on the street don't like him anymore. And all wives have been discouraged from talking to him. It's a street run LOVE OUT fest for the deck/porch building man. Little did we know this when we first thought of the project. I say WE, like I had any input ... yea.

The boy and his band had a music video filmed yesterday. Sounds like it was crazy. Crazy fun. A crazy amount of waiting for things to happen for the crew that went to help out. Crazy exciting that christmas craziness couldn't even bring... even when they were 4 year old and believed in the man in the great red suit. Hopefully this will bring about a couple more people knowing about this little band. I say little as in they are not so little .. but little in a way, where they have great room to grow. I think they really have room to grow ... they haven't been putting out any new music very recently .. but once they come up with an idea, they ideas just flow, like a river after a rainstorm. Fingers crossed for this crazy bunch.

In things other than great ideas, and time that passes me by ... I am amazed by having as much time off as I have had, and have accomplished completely nothing .. absolutely nothing. One would think I could read a book, or 49 with the amount of time I have had off. Wasn't to happen. I spent a great deal of time just doing things for 34 minutes at a time or less, and watched a dog. I spent a lot of time driving, a great huge lot of time driving, so much so ... i should have kept a record ... but would have probably of lost it .. just like my receipt for my bra that I bought last week, and the nasty ELDERLY cashier lady said I couldn't even exchange it without a receipt ... fortunately for me ... the regular bra lady attendant realized the situation, wrote on a piece of paper, I walked to the otherside of the cash desk, and avoided Granny Nasty Bra, and purchased a new bra ... in fact I am wearing it right now.

I coloured my hair .. it's dark again .. for a couple of days .. and to keep things exciting .. I missed a spot. I think it's time for a chop-o-rama so that way the lighter ends wont look so neglected. I will fit that into my busy week of non working. I SWEARRRRR... this week ... I am sitting .. and doing nothing .. wait. Cant. How odd. BUT .. am happy to say that the hideous little foot is so so so so close to being completed mended it isn't funny .. I'm in the home stretch .. and am feeling so much so ... that I really do not want to get the prescription filled that will open up my blood vessels and ... oooopss ... probably drop my blood pressure so I crash into cars and fall down stairs ... just in time to break a bone .... yes... I am thinking about this carefully.

I will start putting my quarters away to buy that new washer ... I'm going to need one ... well ... a newer better working one that I currently own. I am unsure what to do ... but a washer and dryer together ... (front loader), so that way I will have added working space in the laundry room .. or just wait and buy a front load washer, and eventually the dryer .. at this rate I will never have a set that matches .. despite that the current machines look like they match now. It wouldn't be a big deal if they were locked away in the basement, or in a closet, or in someone's bedroom .. but in this massive little abode ... we see them right away in this space ... I will wait .. for the moment .. especially since I have seen my master.card bill for next month already ... and this months wasn't pretty either !

Well ... must move onto the next form of excitement of the day .. will go and chat with the silent one that does not speak .. except to his dog, who is currently locked in his getting smaller by the minute dog house having a nap ... he needed some down time, and sometimes .. just to give him that time to re-coup is what he needs.

I need alcohol. But that's a whole other story ... for another month!!

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