Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And when ...

It's time to make decisions ...

It's good timing to draw your own map.

Currently I am doing a lot of rerouting.

To where, not sure, from .. this location - as obscured as it is.

I just sorta get things going ... and then something puts a tiny kibash to the plan. It's like a constant walking with interruption because of big puddles.

Did I mention how much I love my sons girlfriend. She is a treat and a half. ... plus she makes a MEAN bananabread. What a good girl. So good in many ways.

WEll .. speaking of good ... the beautiful one that I get to own had her nails done yesterday. Gorgeous GEL nails. She is tickled PURPLE beyond belief .. *that is the colour of her tips...  Little miss chicky poo has been sorta kinda trying to quit biting her nails for years, she was successful two summers ago ... I have a very good feeling that once we break the habit of the actualy biting .. she will do well ... she has a gorgeous set of nails underneath those GELS .. if she can get them to grow. Love that girl. So much !

The doggy has been wondering around placing his mouth over the tops of things like corners of cupboards, chair legs, cabinet knobs, you know ... things that are ever so easily replaceable. I think I might just mistakenly apply a coat of the Miss Pippys unused bitter nail biter stuff over some of his favourite things. (we have a full bottle left .. eventually the Miss Pippy acquired a taste for the stuff ... )

I am in great wonderment as to how my job currently affects my healing process. I can't sit for a great length .. or stand, or I am not sure what else .. I know that walking doesn't hurt my foot .. but I am unsure if it causes me pain later or if I would just find that pain anyways. AT any rate .. it is highly confusing/irritating .. SLASH SLASH who knows what. All I know is that when I start to think about it too much .. my hair gets messy. oh wait .. MESSIER.

AND because everybody wishes to know this .. the boy gave me a gift earlier. One of the dogs teeth. ON my work station location. I was already grossed out by the husbandman keeping the teeth in a tissue on the counter .. now I have one sitting in front of me. The boy reminded me that it wasn't so gross when the tooth was attached to the doggys face .. so why so gross now. OHMAGAWD. BECAUSE.

I reminded myself to NOT take pictures this morning when I went to the NON bear location where the fish were spawning. They will look like the same pictures as last year, or the year before that .. or the year before that ... just as an FYI to myself. How ever to cut myself some real slack .. if I saw some great light, and some fish doing something excitingly stupendous .. I was willing to take a picture of that ... whatever that was going to be .. which didn't happen ... this time.

Onto other things .. well that would be the boring little things of life inwhich makes us revolve to carry forward .. in the meantime ...  I AM GOING TO TURN THE HEAT ON !!

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LarryLilly said...

Well, we are all wusses here. On the same day we will have the heat on in the am and the AC by dinner. Then wake the next day and repeat the cycle. Yeah, the cold front you had the 24th we had the 26. We were camping and the day before the front hit we had a fire going but sitting ten feet away it was that warm out, 89 or so, shorts and T-shirt at 9 PM. Then the next day when the front hit in hoodies, jeans, long socks and a bigger fire, we were getting our legs toasted like a marshmallow.

Today, the AC is back on.