Tuesday, June 12, 2012

105 point 7

Where have you been in my existance?

I turned the stereo on the other day ... and have yet to turn it off.

I am in love with what this station has to offer me ... and so every morning ... I happily press the button to some earfilling lovliness.

In other things lovely: the PIP. I watched her at her choir recital last week. that girl is beautiful, with a beautiful voice. So blessed by this chickster! I also love her reasoning ... she refused to go to the awards ceremony .. no amount of asking her to go would change her mind in going, it's a long time sitting and waiting .. she said she would rather wait until she got more awards, then it would be more worthwhile going ... so next year I will be waiting for the three or more awards .. then we might get a chance to go .. and watch her receive her hard earned awards. My PIP .. always the practical one.

I got a chance to watch the boys band play on Sunday. So did the Sir. They are continuing to do well, play well, and have moved their game up a bit by shaking the crowds hands after their set. Nice to see.

My weeks continue to roll into the next .. I can't really remember what it is that I have done on a regular basis .. so I think that might just mean I am busy .. although I am happy to be busy ... cause .. why not ... !

I managed to scrapbook on Saturday afternoon/eve .. it was quite exciting ... although ... next time .. if there is a next time .. I will ask people to go. This time .. I went on my own .. I just needed to get my head back into the efforts of scrapbooking .. just to throw myself back in ... to my SLAP and SCRAP .. It's MY terminology for kinda fast scrapping, without the labourous hours or carefully placing letters and gadgets to embellish the page to utter perfection .. I am more into getting pictures onto paper, and add a splash of colour while doing so. BUT .. the next time I do go to one of these things .. I will tell all my scrapbooking peoples .. because it was very enjoyable to sit in a room (gym) with like minded people, and just create. Even more important .. I had to remain focused .. cause I didn't know anybody .. but by the night .. I was happily chatting with the lady next to me .. and as small worlds go ... she works with a friend of mine! Of course I looked like a gong show .. with my laundry basket full of stuff, minus the special suitcases, and caddies .. and proceeded to lay everything out on my table ... much to the terrifying looks to my new friend. She said that she was quite terrified by my ability to function amongst the array of colours, and pictures, and stickers and assorted tools .. ( an old shoe box of Fussy's little shoes... ) she killed herself laughing at my style. I had a comment about her sterile scrapbooking style ... very meticulous and methodical .. and almost like someone had abandoned their station for another craft .. except hers was in a high state of activity. I was extremely pleased with my efforts .. and hopefully will continue ... except now I still haven't emptied the laundry basket .. and am sortof needing to do that ... but that is becuase I am stalling ... because I have to add a gadget to my work of puttign things away .. it's some sort of embelisher .. and it looks like a purse .. so it's going to be hard to fit ... I did do something right .. and that was to get rid of the box ... because I am a box loving queen .. and I can see how this would have quickly turned into an amazing storage system of amazing items ... uh .. how about no. So .. now it's just me and the gadget purse ... which is going to require some further purchases .. which I thought I had stopped purchasing scrapbooking things .. but ALAS .. this could help in the card making department .. so that's all fun!

Well .. I am about to scan the newspaper for a coupon ... cause I am good for that.

As I listen away to the 105 point 7 fromt he other room.

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