Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why do cows moo?

It's the thought for the day.

Well, it was yesterdays thought actually.

The Pippinator and myself hiked over to the grocery store to pick up some pumpkins, and then we hauled them back.

As we were cruising home yesterday afternoon hauling our orange finery we stopped to listen to the cows. At first we weren't listening to them .. but actually watching one start running in the other direction.. and then she started to moo.

I asked the Pip I wonder why she needs to dash off, cause she was kind of a big cow, and not really the dashing-est of cow abilities we were thinking. Then she stopped, paused, looked back and mooed.

This caught a bulls attention, and then he decided to moo. Two younger cows were also grazing, but they were moo-less, but interested in the moooing.

We were interested in the mooing.. but then we had to venture forth, because we were still hauling our big orange balls, and were trying to dodge raindrops, which luckily for us didn't happen but were trying to.

However people of the internet world... we still wonder what makes a cow moo?

In other things way more time consuming in the day...

I have to carve a pumpkin!

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