Monday, October 04, 2010


I need some more songs to keep me trunging along my crescent of life.

It has to be fast musak. EXCEPT for Me and Bobby McGee, that is the exception on my "ipid".

I hear songs in passing, but then never remember them, or know the names, so it makes for some difficulty in acquiring them at a later date!

In things more exciting:

The husbandmans JEEP is elevated, rotated, mutated &excavated. It has now been removed from the front of the driveway, and has been yet again driven somewhere for the final procedure to take place. Of course this brings no excitement to me... other than now I do not have to listen to all the adjustments that have been done... so yes.. it's exciting .. no?

In more things from the starship:

The husbandman and I were talking about moving. YES we were... actually speaking. COMMA. About moving. This isn't today or tomorrow kind of business, but further down the road.... CAUSE... I (and even he) wish to see more than FURTHER down the road!

Well, back to the ONLY matter at hand... drinking coffee. Ha .. I wish.

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Anonymous said...

What the heck!! Moving????