Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bobcat .... ocd !!!

So the other morning, .. when this whole bobcat adventure began... I thought that he had all but disappeared. And then in the darkness of the back "BERMUDA" triangle I noticed something else moving.

In the above photo you can just see the bobcat emerging from behind the little house, and the cat had noticed something. At this point the bobcat was just merrily making his way out.

That is when this occured, and the two of them came face to face. They stayed like this for the longest time... I mean the longest time. It was absolutely fascinating. Check at the cats eyes. I had changed the setting on my camera, and these two images came up black in my picasa picture viewer... but then I lightened them.. so I could see what went on ... in those first initial moments when domestics meets the "not so" domestic... the housecat totally looks like garfield . Forgive the grainy view... BUT.. I was going to delete them... until I lightened them. See... even though my curiousity was peaked... I don't think it would have been to my demise... and happily for this cat, the same with it!

The problem now is... everytime I look outside... I am now looking for a bobcat. Mysteriously all the squirrels have up and disappeared mind you.
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Chaos is my Life said...

This is far too much for my ticker to handle....amazing work D!!!