Sunday, October 03, 2010


That is what life has become.

Trying to figure things out.

Trying to make things work.

Trying to find enough time in the day to do all things that we need to do.

Trying to NOT get caught up on the treadmill of life that makes one go crazy.

Too late!

Trying to stay sane doing all the things that I do.

Trying to continuously send positive thoughts to those that need it.

Trying to stay calm when situations present that create periods of insanity.

Trying to continue finding the time to walk in my circles.

Trying to not look completely crazy walking in my circles.

Trying to spot another bear, before they put themselves to bed!

(Mind you.. I saw momma and three cubs the other night!)

Trying to figure out how to go on a holiday... STILL.

Trying to manage the day where every moment isn't spent looking at the clock.

Trying simply to enjoy the chaos.

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