Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking out a friends husband.

In other emails that might be sent but have landed here instead:

So I think I am going to end up taking out a friends husband. I believe it will be completely my fault.

It will have to be.. since it will be me taking him out... of course it will be an accident mind you.

BUT I will have my non lawyer loop hole finding son to get me off. I know he will be able to do it. I hope the law making people wont mind if he is more than likely underage to be defending me, and will not have graduated from high school let alone law school. It will not matter anyways.. because some days I wonder if he will actually graduate from highschool... I know I spend a lot of time talking to a lot of teachery types... but I will save that for another day.

ANYWAYS.. Mr. Loophole.... he will find a way to get my jail time down to nil, and in fact I will probably come out money ahead due to being traumatized by the whole event.... surely my son Mr. Loophole will find a way.

In the meantime .. back to taking out the friends husband.... as it will be an accident.

the thing is... there have been multiple occasions now... and every time I round the corner with the indigo blue mazda5 ... there is my friends husband. THEN the whole reason I am generally driving in that direction is because I have my Mr. Loophole son with me... and then he begins his RANT... "who walks around these places...?", "why does someone take such great risks wandering around these parts...?" ... "who are these PEOPLE...?" ... "are they fricken crazy walking around these streets...?  There's BEARS, coyotes and BOBCATS and more than likely cougars ... and in the dark... ?? Where do they need to go in the dark....?"

By the time Mr. Loophole is done ranting... there is no time to wave at the still living husband. Tonight on a whim... I was driving Mr. Loophole up the hill, and around dark cemetaries .... and I called to the husband on this dark stormy night....

"come out come out wherever you are....!"

Mr Loophole was amazed that he didn't see BRAVEHART making his way through the darkness of the night... mind you ... perhaps it is still early ... it's only 8 pm afterall...

Yes peoples of the internet ... we come from a land where sidewalks were not invented, or they ran out of pavement... nor were pedestrians, and yet strangely enough ... there are lots of homes to be had, with yards that house dogs, who accompany their dwellers along dark windy roads.... and of course if I ever BUMP a pedestrian ... I will have Mr. Loophole with me...

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