Friday, October 08, 2010

Todays news bulletin:

It only took one wake up attempt to get the boy out of bed.

I can be my own mastercard commercial... cause that was priceless!

In other things more important to everyday life:

Right... I have nothing for you people....

BUT in an effort to come up with something that will post a smile on the faces of millions...

I was very much determined to NOT talk to any of the educators this week... I was on a roll, it had been a whole new month, and I was free and clear from their emails & phone calls, since last months festival of insanity... until yesterday... when the boy texted me... and told me his science teacher was crazy. OK.. so that means that things are not going all too stellar.... which means today will be followed up with people HUNTING me down. Some days its a good day paying for call display.

In other things that will not have any impact on any ones lives....

I am continued on my hunt for my next camera. Life is passing me buy ever so quickly, and it should be done WITH photos able to catch every single blur.

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