Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Image loading disruption

Yes, I feel it guys.. I really do.

I am currently experiencing image loading disruption, in a rather monumental sort of way.

How about complete failure? That is what I am experiencing.

WE had a little hawk that landed just on our very ugly back deck yesterday morning. I had my smaller lens attached, and could not open the door... so you see half the battle that I am already facing..... so everybody is having image disruptions of some form.

In other non related incidents that are current and pertinent to life:

I must read about the helicopter generation. That is what our kids are. WE hover and hover and hover... and then eventually we just take off. And one day I will do just that. There might not be any notice involved when I do. PING... and she's off.

Maybe it could be worded differently... that the parent feature has been disabled, or the parent APP is no longer available.... what about parent (similar to page) not found ERROR 404......??

OH .. and in things that are exciting.. I FOUND my norwex cleaning cloth... it was temporarily hiding... which had me panicking semii-sorta-maybe... now back to my cleaning adventures... I'm waiting for the sun to pop up to do the one big window in our house....

I will wait patiently for my DEER to arrive.. isn't that what is next in critter central??

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