Monday, October 25, 2010


That is life on the hamster wheel.
plinging and plinging and plinging and plinging.

I guess we all live hamster lives, somehow.

I wonder if the hamster ever gets tired and wishes to take some tylenol, and just sit for about 37 3/4 hours straight, and read a book, or three?

Mind you... anything over 36 1/4 hours of sitting is a bit much.... beyond that one would turn into a blimpomatic surely.

It's the vanilla chai tea that I am drinking... which is giving me the intellectual edge this morning. Mind you.. I don't have my librarian glasses on.. ... so it could all be me in genuine disguise.

1 comment:

Chaos is my Life said...

Wow....even 10 minutes of sitting still would drive me insane....I'm not even sure I know how to sit still and read a book truly sad.