Friday, October 29, 2010

Hair... gone


I got the hair chopped LAST Friday, and only have thought about it ... this Friday.

I don't believe I synapse correctly somedays... it appears that I have a 7 day lag time. ... or more... depending on weather.. but that's only a maybe.

Yes... I had it chopped, as in large bits left lying on the ground. HOWEVA.... the frontage doesn't look that much different.. it's only when you turn the key to the back door that you see the missing tonnage. MIND YOU .. I did not own a mullet, I just had it shaped higher in the back, and lower in the front.

Then I coloured my hair... (cause it's crazy expensive to try and do both... and especially at the rate I colour my hair, I would have to take a fourth job with a bank account titled "HAIR payments"... and that might not even covor it). ANYWAYS... now I am back to being all dark hair like and short hair like-ish.

Feels weird. But then that is me.

In other random thoughts:

I am not sure if the school system is going to turn me into a total nut job.

The educators are delivering content. Nice. The audience receives content, digests it, and spits it back out to their educators. Grades are exchanged in receipt of ample content feedback. Smiles go on everyone's faces.  It's simple. Except when it isn't.

All I want is for the work to get done. But for some reason the Socials class has turned into ART class overnight... and yet when last weeks assignment asked for pictures/images BUT there was no mark for pictures or artwork it starts to send confusing messages. I am confused.. is this art.. or is this social studies..?

Art is a dangerous subject to enter into... VERY VERY dangerous... just because something is presented in a manner that looks to be concrete, can also can be very transparent.

The boy handed in his political cartoon, and while it did not have ALL of the assigned and required elements, in his interpretation of the political cartoon it was sufficient. It has been returned with a NONgrade, due to the image, as just an image... and not all the line enhancing things that political cartoons have. OMG OMG OMG OMG... so now the boy has refused to redo the assignment because he has done it.. and the SOCIAL STUDIES teacher believes that the political cartoon artwork was not sufficient.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE LESSON HERE PEOPLE... cause I am just not getting it.

And people thought that feeding babies in the deep dark black of night was difficult... just wait till grade 10.

I am surprised I even have any hair left to colour.

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