Saturday, October 30, 2010

gouda mornen ~~

I am thinking of eating some cheese.

I am wishing for gouda, except I don't have any.

I have sharp cheddar or mozzerella.

OK ... I'll pass then ...  I guess I could make some scrambly eggs or something!

It's a Saturday morning here in the big wide internet world.... and I am not at work!

Yae for me!

Of course not being at work possesses it's very own host of problems... and that would be to not see the job postings that are available for this next week, .. which could potentially get me out of my weekend job. which would be very exciting.

My life is exciting enough... with the thought of bobcats swilling about in my head!

October 10 2010... will be a day not soon forgotten... it's the day that the BOBCAT came to town.

Maybe the bobcat would like some gouda too... do cats eat cheese even ??
Today marks a new occasion for my blog. If it doesn't make you turn that harrumph or that grisled look, or the frown .. upside down ... then you have a right to complain.. and COMPLAIN away... in the comments section of course.

See .. that was easy. thanks Staples.

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Misfit in Paradise said...

Can you add a follow link so I can follow you in my google reader?