Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the things...

that I maybe shouldn't have SENT in an email:

How's your finger "oh woman in love?" ....

I assume it was your finger that was taking up space in the emergency department a week or so back..?

Hope you are better.

I met the boys teachers yesterday. I think he has a check mark next to his name now... "Holy shit, mothers a FREAK... - don't incite anything that will illicit a response via email or verbal contact."

Other than that... I have been walking past your townhomes.. or did you move... ? I can't keep up with you... well... that's because we do not speak.

OMG.. I had a hawk in my backyard yesterday morning, having a fight with the garbage can wheel.. and yes... a real LIVE bobcat two weekends ago... unfortunately no bears.

I bought a new bra today, so did the sister, in fact we bought the same bra. THAT'S how boring I am. I can't even think my own style of bra to wear.

Ok, that's comical. But the truth.

Talk.. or not.. Deanna.


I typed that so fast I didn't quite remember. ouch! I will add now ... that even though I did buy the same bra as the sister, I did purchase it in my size. Just so you KNOW world.

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Chaos is my Life said...

I knew if I came here, I'd get a chuckle....thanks for that!

My fil is now on the 6th floor cursing and yelling at all that come across him...he has suredly lost his mind....seriously...they brought in the psych doctor.

I'm at my end..... *breathe*....