Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where the wild things are...

Right here.. in command central.

Jimmy has left the building... all on his lonesome, with a certain bounce in his step.

There is a digger out in the back, doing digging things in the neighbours back/side yard.

Fussilina has called me hysterically looking for her polkadot pencil case cause it isn't in her locker, and she put it in her locker yesterday afternoon, and the phone kind of went dead. I guess she found the polkadot pencil case. I never got a call back.

We are nearing the end of the month, and this weekend the husbandman is going to give the furnace the once over. Because he is wild like that.

Of course I will be wildly happy to have heat.

I would also like to have a sip of coffee, cause that makes me wild-like.

We never got to go and see the Adams River run... because I did not get the weekend off. I believe I was wild in my thinking that I could actually get some vacation time. Hmm... I guess I better try again.

I have written yet again another story/letter to one of the teachers at JimmyDean's school. This boy and his details... they make me wild.

Todays list of things to be done is at an all time HIGH, and in the effort to not become wild over my workload, I will probably spend time just staring at bears eating barren blueberry bushes.

Now that's wild.

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