Monday, January 31, 2011

In other things that are not cold:


Not sure what the golden ticket has been .. but I am not cold.

It could be the extreme clothing fashion articles that I walk in which keeps the chilled weather from finding me .. of course maybe nothing wants to come near me in my exquisite finery.

Currently I resemble a christmas decoration. I am sporting a fluffy  red kangaroo jacket, and of course the lovely oompa vest to bring out the true fashion statement that I really am. If only I had pierced ears .. I would dangle some sparkly things from them. It gets better ... I also have on my running pants, which I walk in mostly, (or run up and down the stairs .. but not at my house .. cause that would get boring considering I only have two stairs ..), white socks .. and then to finish off the look, I am sporting my black loafer shoes that I have owned for about I don't know 6 or 10 years, which I am unable to replace... or at this moment unable to replace .. cause I can't find a replacement.

Last evening ... I decided to NOT go out. I was going to go .. and then thought .. will I wake up in the morning if I DON'T go .. and sure enough ... here I am ... ! What are the odds in that!

I did however make the effort to call my friend and ask if she wanted to go with me. I believe that due to the fact that I called right at dinner time might have been the reason she said no... and then I think she might have gagged or something ... (it might have been due to the lovely cold, and dark... but that's only a guess!) I don't normally call people to go with me ... cause this is something that I am able to do all by myself ...

I even plugged the little MP3 player back into it's location and told it that it wasn't going out for a good time either. Then I headed to the counter .. where a bottle of wine has been sitting since Christmas day ... added some ice to my favourite peach plastic outdoor wineglass and poured myself a glass. How is that for awesomeness. Two sips later ... and that was it for me .. I wasn't sure if I even liked the taste of the wine ... does wine go flat after being undone, and then recorked, and then sat on a counter for a month and a couple of days ..? SEE ... see how I have a drinking problem .. the VERY moment I wish to drink something ... it just doesn't work.

I made the husbandman open a bottle of red wine .. and then he poured me a really huge glass (the same peach wineglass) ... three swigs later .. and I was done with that ... I surely to GAWD have a drinking problem. I always knew it. ... and now it's reared it's ugly head.

Speaking of ugly heads .. holy crummolies that boy of mine is a wired-one. His current facebook picture is him in a ponytail, and some wicked looking look .. CAN'T wait for that profile to be changed.

In other Jimmy stories: this morning as we walked out the front door " Why thank you Hamilton .. that's awfully nice of you ... " he says to me, as I carried his small square bag that only holds enough equipment for a binder, a lunch, his pens maybe two textbooks.... which he BITTERLY complains about NONstop. This was said in reference to the little road trip a while back, when two of his friends carried his equipment for him .. as he tried to not projectile vomit all over the place ... so the jimmy could do his gig. ... I believe that my new name will become "Lady Hamilton-Oompa". I just know it.

So this is what I am thinking ... I have not engaged the top part of my tool bar to be really use friendly .. I am into big wide open spaces, where I can see all the information slammed at me ... and yet .. this tool bar has arrived .. and now I am thinking I might just keep it ... or at least find something that is relevent to my needs ... one thing is the weather thing ... I love the weather thing at my finger tips .. rather than a clicking mouse control away down the sidebar. Will have to think hard about thisone people ADVISE suggestions .. ?

In other things as important as tool bars .. have currently kept the laptop under complete wraps from the jimmy. It went out on repair last week, or two weeks ago ... and it has never made it back into his clutches. AND LOOK .. he's still alive .. the JIMMY is alive people. He has his little ipid that keeps him entertained, and he can even still manage to make it work for all of his jimmy needs.

In things that are important, and closing in on forgetfulness:

I picked the jimmy up the othernight from the missy's house. ( I say this like its a random occurance .. which it isn't ... ONE would think I am the only ONE with a drivers license in this homestead) anyways  He marched in the front door, disrobed his jimmy attire onto the livingroom carpet ... his jimmydean jacket, with direct reference to James Dean, and his red/black shirt with buttons like shirt thingy. ... and then played the piano for the next three hours. I KID YOU NOT. OK ... so I might be lying .. he did stand up a couple of times and played his guitar, and then sat there sometimes and played the guitar and piano at approximately the sametime, and then had to put it down, cause somehow it got in the way of his piano playing. It was a little music marathon. THIS is what I think ... that he spent a number of hours at the missy's house .. probably just doing whatever it is that they do, which I ask little about .. because REALLY do I REALLY want to know, without KNOWING.. but I still ask .. cause I'm the oompa-mumda and all .. but I am thinking that he eventually comes home form being cooped up in that environment and just needs to hear himself rattle away for a while. Which he did. To my BENEFIT. He managed to figure out how to play on the piano some WICKED classics... we are talking ... "Cracklin Rosie", "Sweet Caroline", "Forever in Bluejeans", "Holly Holy" .. "Song Sung Blue". It appears that the Jimmy is attracted to the lilt that our friend Neil has the ability to project from his voice. I know that for this weeks voice lesson he will march in, sit down at the piano and command for his vocal teacher to teach him how to perfect that "Neil sound" so he can replicate it.

I wish I had a memory card big enough to capture all the entertainment that goes down in this little 1365 square foot homestead .. WHICH I will tell you will not be growing in size any day soon ... however ... it will be drier this time next year... cause our roof is needing an overhaul. Which means that the front yard will be getting an overhaul, which means that I believe I will be doing a lot of digging in the months to come .. I am thinking. Unless of course I could find some people to come and dig with me .. and I might feed them .. and pay them to dig. I would ask the Jimmy to do such tasks ... but we would probably drown in our home with water pooling in it before the Jimmy would get the message. I know I could ask the Fuss to do such adventures .. but then I am thinking that the beautiful princess would fall into one of the trenches that she would have dug and break something .. although .. I am only a semi adventurer .. so I might just ask. I don't know .. the SIR has told me that we need to redo the drain tiles .. which is believable and all .. I am just not sure who the WE is. .. I believe that this should be left to people that wish to be gainfully employed for a day or two.

Must find jokes, NOW.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the walk invite! Yes, I was in the midst of cooking, and putting meals out, but it was a nice thought! I may just have to call you one of these days to initiate the walk!! :)
My joint thingy is flaring up, so I'm a little on the worse side of things, but fresh air never killed anyone! (at least I don't think so)