Monday, January 03, 2011

do I stay .. or do I go ...

The love LL EE family are all still tucked up in their beds ... CHRISTMAS is still happening in this home. I have DE-decorated the vast 1365 square foot home, and set things on the still plywooded and tableclothee kitchen table. I just need to venture out into the great depths of the mossed out yard and collect the blue rubbermaid bins and pack the christmasy event back into them. Now that is the real chore.

My real "thing to do" is go and spot some eagles. I feel like driving out to the place where I have been stalking. That is a bit of a drive away ... and with this house needing some attention  .. I feel bad leaving stuff. So here I am .... contemplating.

In other adeventures in good order;

The husbandman went out jeeping yesterday. Not sure why he didn't take the Fuss, but she called me at my place of employment where I really like the benefits ... and was livid and crazed and squirrely and distraught that she was not in the passenger seat as the jeep rolled out the driveway. I too was miffed ... as I had asked the husbandman to take the girl with him ... AND NOW ... sometimes the worlds do align ... he didn't get home until 3:30 this morning. He left at 0830 in the morning. ALTHOUGH he did call me, and was completely equipped for staying out in the elements, and HAD THE PIP gone she would have been too... I am glad that for some reason UNKNOWN to me or HER that he toodled off on his own.... or at least with his jeeping buddies ... and that someone broke an axle, and they fixed it on their trail of adventures .. which lead to the deep dark night adventure they ended up participating in.

All the same .. time is ticking ... do I wake the Fuss up and take her on an eagle spotting adventure ... because although she likes adventuring ... she likes it way less than me.

Of course there is always the promise of purchasing some hot chocolate for her ... oh .. who knows. Anyways .. my batteries are charged ...

AND with the swans now being on my desktop & screen saver .. perhaps I should just enjoy that beauty for a little while ... because we don't get swans around here on a daily basis. ... or maybe we do .. and I do not get out enough.

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