Friday, January 28, 2011

More lushesness from the oompa

Now the thing is ... I do have a picture of me .. but it isn't so oompa-ish looking ... it's kinda blurry sort of .. a little bit. Now there is no good in presenting what an oompa really looks like .. if she is jst a little blurry ... just know that I am bright and green and colourful!
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Misfit in Paradise said...

What are the yellow things in the water?

Deanna said...

My best guest ... they are yellow things@

Ha! I dont know .... I wondered what they were as well ... but they are yellow box like floating structures ... I wondered if they somehow measure the water movement ( actually I looked on a map and they are calling that trout lake .. somaybe they measure the flies that roam around for the fish!)