Monday, January 24, 2011

where I'm at in the world ...

Not many places I can assure you!

BUT .. here's some boringly told stories of nil excitement or amazement.... I'll pass out my toothpicks prior to this writing...

The camera has sat all week, untouched. I believe it is cursing at me right now ... it's probably saying things like ... yo lady ... just try and push my buttons... it can taunt me all it wishes .. I will not give in to turning on cameras and playing with settings .. I would much prefer for a sunny day to arrive, and I will just start playing with dials and aperatures then. Cause you know .. why be prepared. I was no girl scout.

I am currently wearing a pair of pants that got thrown off a bridge last week... or an overpass, or at least a point of which was a higher elevation than the ground. I just couldn't live with myself knowing that the pants were at a stage of RETURN, so I went back and got them. The sister threw them over the edge, when I disrobed from them while standing on the bridge... in an effort to look less oompa-looompa-ish when walking past the sons school where he was waiting for me. What a nice mother .. trying to look less ooompa for her son .. who the hell cares that the rest of the world watched me march by ... including the sister that had to be seen with me.

In reality and practicality ... I retrieved the pants so that eventually I would give them away .. to someone that is in need of oompa pants. OK .. the only real reason they are oompa-ish is due to the fact that they have a slight EDGE in the size department. I am less, they are more. BUT ... someone will be able to make good use of them ... when I am done with them .. which clearly wasn't the case last week ...

So I wore the oompa pants to the track last night. Me and the ipid ... not ipOd .. but ipid .. that's the name. I traveled around that freaking track for 90 minutes. Soccer balls were randomly being kicked in all directions, so I averted shots by the balls as well. Go me .. at the end of the frenetic adventure .. I took a picture of myself, and made it the wall paper on my phone. I mean .. a person of varying colour does look good under stadium lights .. right .. ? Ooompa pants ... blue ... Purple with lime green inside collar running jacket, with a hot pink running jacket over top, and then the lime green oompa-topping vest and black leather gloves. Makes a statement .. No?

It is reading week for the boy. At least I think its reading week. All I know is that it is a transition within his educational adventure ... and I believe that he is going to be hit with a holy-freaking-fridays-I-can't-believe-this-happened-WORKBOMB. Last semester ... (like it was moons ago, and not just on Friday ..his academic load was a bit light... as in ONE course, with the optional three music courses that he had been enrolled in. We wont talk about science .. cause that kind of went down the toilet. Really. BUT .. as any good crazy oompa mother would do ... I signed him back up again. I've already had three emails from the fairly science crazed teachers, all of which there have already been assignments due ... and HOLY CRAP .. I just got the welcome email on Friday. I have barely figured out the process, and I am already behind. This is currently scaring me. Hopefully all going well .. this course will not require the son to colour ... cause that is what I got do at the beginning of the semester.

In other things of true excitement ... the boy downloaded some Neil Diamond onto his ipId. Seriously for real. I think I might send him to acting school, except .. I will go the public school route.... and just ask him to enroll in a drama class. How does a 16 year old kid truly like the sounds of Neil Diamond ... and wish to sit on a stage and play the guitar and sing it .. and NOT CRACK UP while doing it .. now theres DRAMA for you. Cracklin Rosie, Holly Holy, Forever in Blue Jeans ... I'll wait for that. Just like I am waiting for him to play November Rain. He played it TRES nicely a couple of weeks back .. and even offered up the singing version of it. Lucky me.

In other things semi-lucky. One of his music buddies asked to borrow my camera. The camera that has sat ... untouched and seemingly momentarily unloved. They used it to film a video. It's a good thing they had Jimmy to hold the camera for the three of them. HOWEVER .. the video that they made was quite good.

In things not so lucky ... forgot to check my lottoa max ticket, but since the jackpot has gone up for next week, I guess that my bank account didn't. That's OK .. I can wait another week if it means that the payoff will be splendid!

I am thinking that I am going to have to purchase some new runners. The runners that I purchased last spring have managed to not be in such good working order any longer. I did purchased three pairs .. but the most loved and favourite of all three are the ones that I missing wearing the most. I will not walk in the same shoes as the sista, as she just tends to march into places and ask people to fit her, and then make purchases ... and never once raises an eyebrow as to the cost ... me on the otherhand ... spy the label, consider the cost, maybe ask to try them on .. and then continue shopping based on the BADASSED bank account that I do not have. Crazy girl marches in ... spots something ... yaes it .. throws out the magic card, and carries on. How does on do that .. ? Where did she learn how to do that .. ? I mean .. I did do that a number of weeks ago .. but I think it took all the oomph and splooomph, and teachings from the sista to march in .. and do the toss the card to make the purchase. Of course I like to "toss the card" in an effort to collect my miles! ... Maybe I am only good for one toss the card purchase and go once a year. Maybe this year I will bump it up to TWO.

I learned something though .. the sista told me that the local running spot store was a good place to buy clearance items ... cause the larger sizes tend to sit on the rack ... now that makes sense ... I could be game for that kind of shopping.

Speaking of running .. I must skidaddle ... off to the working spot .. where I wonder some days ... is this really working ... ? But it is .. ! ENJOYABLE working ... a place where it is just nice to be ..!

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