Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Got to get the batteries charged:

That 16 year old boy of mine has his rockshow tonight.

Well .. it's not his ... he just happens to be playing a bunch of music in the show.
Well.. he isn't just playing .. by himself ... he's playing with others.
Well.... it's an organized event ... more or less... there is a teacher heading it up.
Well... it is school, believe it or not... as education is delivered in all sorts of mediums.

That 16 year old boy of mine has perfected his hair to the perfect length.

For his rockshow. Not that it is his rockshow, I just mistakenly call it that.

Meanwhile .. I will charge up my batteries, and empty my memory cards ... and be early to find a decent seat, so I can film that 16 year old boy of mine.

Last evening ...

The sister popped down, so we could do a walk. I hadn't planned on walking, since I went walking earlier, but hell ya.. I can go again ... even if I had a glass of red wine ... just kept me warmer that is all ...

Anyways ...

That 16 year old boy of mine had been playing for hours .. and then I very simply asked if he could play something for the aunt... so he starts to play this cool little tune, which has been a huge source of stress and contention and trouble and some other mysterious things about this song that can not be articulated due to the fact that I am not even sure what the whole commotion really is .. anyways ... the boy is playing November Rain ... and it is completely beautiful ... where he stops cold: ... "give me 5 bucks, and you can hear the rest of it tomorrow" he says to her.  OK .. in Deannaland, that was completely hysterically funny.

In other things ...

Must go find pictures to post here ... will keep me from writing about things like oompaloompas, and how much I resemble one. AND am proud of the oompaloompaness, and the fact that the children refer to me as oompa, ... "come on oompa ... get all your layers of clothes on and lets go ..." they say to me.

The husband remains silent .... S.H.O.C.K.I.N.G.!

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Lujza said...

Aleks walked from Kway to TF today to watch the show...he didn't comment...but he's a little like the "husbandman"...until he gets on "COD"!