Tuesday, January 04, 2011


got the best of me.

I stayed home. Cleaned up. Bossed some chicklets around. Drove some chicklets arounds. Went to the fabric store. bought the girl fabric. Went to the furniture. Bought me some furniture.

Ha ha .. APRIL fools. No purchase in the furniture department ... but lookey looes we were.

I didn't see anything that jumped out at me. Of course I did sit on some stuff. I did like the deep red leather sofa and love seat. It was quite nice, not quite red and black velvet sort of stuff that might be swirling through your mind. Not going to work out ... because I am wanting chairs & a love seat. ... and LOSE the three seater couch altogether.

In other things practical:

That boy of ours turns sixteen tomorrow. HOW did that happen? Because I am a queen mom of a varied sorts I am MAKING him get his learners license .... and taking him to Denny's where he can get his free birthday meal.

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Susan said...

Happy birthday to th Gman. Do they still qualify for the free birthday meal at 16?
I know the feeling about the furniture? You have to be absolutely in love with it because you will live with tfor the next 20 years! I got a new couch about 4 years ago (new to me) $100 on craigslist. Hoping in a couple of years We can actually spring for a new set. I like the idea of love seat and chairs too.
Not a priority at the moment though.
The word of theday is PARITTIO which sounds like a party on the patio to me. Roll on summertime!