Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's going down you clowns?

Nothing for me, except a frown upside down.

thatsahellofalot dontyouthink. ?

In things that are important but not:

The husbandman found himself going back to work today. Not entirely certain if he should have, but he did. He caught some wicked horrible cold... he might have gotten it from Fussy. She had it last week, and took her out of her skiing lesson. I wont mention that since I am a QUEEN mother .. that I really tried hard to get her to go.... but in the end it was deemed that she was clearly too sick to adventure out. It could have been the clear indication of the full on body ache from head to toe. My thoughts were: she was going to ache anyways from head to toe once she got off the mountain .. this way she wouldn't notice it as much. See .. I am a QUEEN.

Speaking of Fussy ... she gave the washer, dryer, and bedroom door a good workout this morning. She was unable to find "anything" to wear and tested out the hinges to see if anything would rattle itself away from a deep dark corner. Except deep dark corners do not exist in our home, being all 1365 square feet and all.

Except when you speak to Jimmy; if you were to speak to him about our abode, he would claim it is massive, with excess people creeping in corners and not enough light switches to his avail. All except for the kitchen. He wanted to know what exactly was going on with all the light switches in the kitchen. Why were all the switches in the kitchen, and none at the ready throughout the rest of the house. He claims the hallway is the worst of locations. All maybe 20 feet of it.... cause our house is massive and all. He says it creaks, and he's sure that there are always people hiding behind the doors, so he has to dart quickly, and then jump to his bed, but then has to get up again, to shut his door, once he realizes that there isn't anybody behind it. Perhaps one should hear it coming from his perspective, because reading it here makes him sound paranoid, which he is, but then he is a comic, which you sort of have to be highly quirky to dispel this sort of theory, and make people laugh, which he did, but that was only me. And really ... perhaps I am just into clown fanfare and all.

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Susan said...

Dont forget to check behind the shower curtain when you need to pee in the middle of the night. And watch out for the wolf under your bed, so that you have to leap off the bed to the far side of the room so it cant grab your foot if you dangled it temptingly out of the covers.