Thursday, November 04, 2010

somethings wrong somewhere...

I just tried uploading pictures... NO CAN DO!

that'sa problem.

I have been commenting on one of my favourites the past week.. and all of a sudden BLOGGER is unable to process that request.

that'sa problem

Especially since the comments haven't been short & quick & off the top of my head... but instead were fairly long winded, and not capable of duplication. I feel gipped. FIRST of all for my efforts.. and secondly BECAUSE the commentee is being robbed of heartfelt ernesty, which again was very hard to re-do.

in other things wrong.

My hair...  but that's a whole nother topic.. no make that a whole nother BLOG!

I have a snap in my back.

Has anyone ever had a snap in their back.. how do you get one.. where did it come from ... and what day did it start snapping... ? and it's not even down the spine but rather to the right, and almost rib cagey like. It's just so weird.

And my pants are just not good. They are fallingoffish. Not in a OMG that is just so good way... but rather... OMG pull your pants up .. you look like an idiot.

I am eating day old popcorn. Which is better than yesterday, when I ate three day old popcorn. I put too much cheese fluff on it, so it got too cheesy for me.... but I liked it anyways.

The superfasttalking school councillor called me this morning. He went through the boys past years test scores...  bright boy, good scores.... so what's the question lady.. I don't know.. you tell me... I wrote a very long winded story to the socials teacher... why good kids fail. I should probably publish it... in the meantime... WE need to work smarter, not ask the child to work harder... because he just doesn't know how.

Pass the wine please.

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