Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How am I....

Supposed to get a drinking problem when I am always out driving around?

Things are going in reverse order for me it seems.

I guess it is the same as ...

I know there is a nice sunrise out there, except that I am in here missing it all.

I live in a strange place and time ... at least I think I do ....


Back to the drinking problem... I can't seem to find the time to allow for a glass of something.

I learned yesterday that in fact, it is beneficial to have a drink everyday. EVERYDAY

It's a very eency teency window of drinking possibilities that is allowed... BUT THEN if you go over the very minimal allowable everyday drinking allowance... then it is considered overindulgence and unhealthy.

I will WAIT to get to that point... I can't even muster up the daily maximum of one drink.

I have autumn pictures, of nothing really of extreme beauty or excitement... but I must attach cameras & other assorted jobs which I wish not to do this second. There are other assorted odd jobs that I am wishing not to do imminently, which must be done first.

Off I go...

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