Tuesday, November 23, 2010

minus 7

degrees around these parts.

To some.. you may laugh and scoff...

To us westcoastians .... WHAT!!! ...we are used to clouds, dreary & rain!

In things that are on a positive note:

  • me!
  • my camera. (which you can see that I have have been using EXTENSIVELY!)
  • the fact that I go through the manual carwash, just to have all the roadsalt now stick to it.... moe than ever!
  • white cheddar popcorn dust has made its way back to home outfitters.
  • the sisters OLD dog didn't get run over by a car yesterday chasing two deers from the culdesac.
  • the cat didn't escape from my sisters house while I was chasing the dog chasing the deers.
  • I didn't fall into the ditch while the dog was standing sniffing where the deer were, which I couldn't tell from his age whether he could move, or he was peeing.
  • survived looking after the boys for the past 2 1/2 days.... mind you ... I didn't cook for them... so it was an all clear on that front.... so really they survived me.
  • felt like a creeper in my own home, since I was staying at the boys house, and yet leaving during the day to do my thing, but returning to let the dog out, and yet living in the home, but not. Oddish yes.
  • I found the WILL to tell the book club girl that I would not be returning for a bit, AND told her, perhaps I might not return at all. Talk about GREY in the black and white department!
  • am currently sporting two pairs of pants, vest and jacket... while in the homeland.
  • went walking earlier today ... because it's always good to do that in minus 7 right ... and I did see a couple of others out and about ...
  • Snow ... really ... that throws me off... entirely!

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Anonymous said...

"Flexa" read -9 today...and then it "warmed up"....to -6...I sure hope it warms up before I go bald...cuz really...I don't think they make Chapstick big enough to cover the head!

And I don't know why it's not accepting my name....you know who it is anyways!