Monday, November 29, 2010

So this is what I am thinking.

Probably not safe to write about such lunacy ... but I will share for you today ...
  1. I want to understand how my boy practically gets himself removed from the Rockschool program. It's a hard one to comprehend, let alone write about, articulate, contemplate, it's a cause for one to perhaps regurgitate.
  2. Ok not really ...
  3. However ... BIG long winded email from the teacher. It's painful. This is MUSIC school ... should it be this painful?
  4. His BFF/GF bought him a touque yesterday, now he look like on of the guys from the Monkees. Oh seriously yes.
  5. In reality ... if his hair was coiffed and fluffed he would look more like Prince William, and in fact ... the BFF/GF would look like the maybe to be one day Queen. Oh double seriously yes.
  6. I actually like his new found scragginess... it adds that rocker guy effect to him. Mind you ... having a Prince William sing November Rain was a pretty interesting look as well.
  7. If the boy manages to not get himself removed from the rockschool program, I think the rest of his days of highschool education will be completed in the "homeschool" atmostphere. It might just work out better ... for everyone.
  8. I am going to ask for stock in whatever the name is of the haircolour that I use... all I know is that the box is green and I buy the number 50. AND I start to panick when I see the numbers of 50 start dropping off the shelf, and then I am not seeing my favourite girl smiling back at me.
  9. I am saving cream containers right now. OK, and one litre milk containers. I wish to do the most amusing activity at the group in the next coming weeks! Gingerbread houses! ... ok, I actually do them with Graham Crackers ... but the thing is ... it's not the supplies that one uses, but rather the emotion, conversation & laughter that is inspired from the project. AND whether you are a Christmassy person or indifferent, there is always the random conversation about the candy involved, and the stories that are spiralled from that. I am MAD ... mowha wha wha ... !
  10. Miss Pippy is clearly the smartest chickster around these parts ... she is the gadgety-est girl on this side of Burke Mountain ... and one that can utilize her time and knowledge to the extreme. She finds out via txting that she had some homework... where she starts typing on her ipid... (that's what we call them here... as in our home here ... )... she types away for about an hour and a half... and then emails everything to the command centre central thinking device... (my computer!), and upon arrival to the homeland ... she opens up the computer .. and the homework is here waiting for her. My Pip ... what a triple thinker!
  11. I am thinking about more .. alot more ... but must move on due to time constraints~!

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