Saturday, November 13, 2010

Barn on the roll

Well... it seems that I have come across a couple of things the past few days:

  1. Blogger and picasa don't match up any longer ... at least not on my settings.
  2. BUT .. not to be wearied by such HORROR ... I jumped to a picasa album, and began flitting about with that.
  3. In other flitting and fleeting attempts... I love this red barn, which is on the way to the eastern side of the world.... so I took this while in the captains spot .... in the car.
  4. Realized that this whole PICNIK thing is a kinda cool little helper gadget. HENCE the lovely museumly matter picture above you.
  5. Mind you... not sure what I will do when I fill up the web album.
  6. OH ... in news of nonexcitement to most, but a revelation to MOI ... I managed to change the greenspace on the blog ... HOWEVER.... my pics now look smaller.
  7. Would love to go see eagles... this minute!

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