Friday, November 19, 2010

Looks like:

A certain weatherman indicated that it is a bit whiteweatheryish.

I will wait for that.

In other accomplishments:

Thank you iStock....

No really ... THANK YOU !!

It was them that told me to double check my computer DATE & time. The time appeared fine... but it wasn't UNTIL I scrolled over to the time, and let the computer TELL me what the date was... that I figured out quite possibly why I haven't been able to upload pictures from my picasa! ... perhaps why blogger was eating my comments ... and even more EXCITING ... when I did my on-line banking .. it wouldn't let me pay any bills for November... how tragic is that I say my friends! ... well.... I manually MAN-U-ELLEEE did it.

And whala... as a view to below... it appears that the world is once again been righted.

Oh lucky me.

I have managed through cables and cords, and other assorted endeavours to wipe some memory cards clean.... ok .. and on the QT ... the boy does not know that the new camera captures video... so for the time being .. I have video-d him ... and have already saved it to my external hard-drive ... and then ... perhaps in years to come .. this is what the JIMMY was up to... in the EARLY years of his talentedness.

In other stories of complete nonsense....

Am working on reading three different books right now... something I haven't done before, but in an effort to enjoy the most of the day .. I am working at doing everything all at once. Confusing... No . .. yes.

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