Thursday, November 25, 2010

But this ...

Made me really happy.

Of course I risked life and almost limb to get the picture... well kind of risked life.
I did have to deal with a wierdo local that started hissing about me being on private property. I was still at that point standing on the road, not getting slammed into by semi's actually ... so I decided to heed his advice, cause it is a little different out there in the wilderness area of life, and who knows what goes on ... so the fancy private property that I had dipped my double socked foot into had a cabin that was as old and decreped as the day is long .. I was so engulfed with these guys that I didn't take a picture of the cabin/house... cause lord knows I could have done some sort of damage... ANYWAYS... it was these very pictures that made me quite happy!

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Lujza said...

Simply fabulous D!!!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Great photos!