Friday, November 26, 2010

Could you hear me?

Yesterday I was minding my own business, drinking my lovely cup of Starbucks, with just a hint of peppermint added to it... (something of which I never allow myself to have. ... is a peppermint treat ... because really a cup of brown water is already expensive enough! ...) but alas, I indulged. I was busily concentrating on the road in front of me because the conditions were less than ideal, but I was careful, and I know how to drive in the snow & snowy conditions. I had come to a stop at the corner, and I was maybe four or five cars from the red light. Normally I would turn right at this corner, and would drive up the inside lane if traffic was stopped, as they generally are passing straight through. Yesterday, given the rough conditions of the road, I decided to remain in the stream of traffic, and then turn my signal light on, as the car came up to the intersection to turn right. So there I sat ... stopped. I had given myself lots of room in front of me, so that way I had room to signal into the next lane, when the time came. As I was sitting stopped, I looked in my rearview mirror, because one does occasionally do that. Of course what I saw was a small car bulleting to my back end. I had the split second to decide to pull out and around the car in front of me, and chance hitting the car as I made a move, or just hope that the little car was going to be able to stop. And no it did not. KAPOOM! Instantly I was pissed. Hissing and yelling insued at the poor rather tough looking fellow, and his three friends that piled out from the car. Hiss yell hiss hell hiss hell .... after a bit ... I calmed down. The poor guy didn't know whether (this is my long departed Dad's saying:) "to shit or go blind" ... Somewhere out of all of this ... someone seemed to know tha I was Pippy's mother ... and they told her that I was down at the corner waving my hands talking to two young guys ... Pippy's response... "oh brother ... if she's waving her arms ... then those guys have GOT to be in trouble...." and off she trudged in the sleeting snowing weather conditions.

And here I am today ... writing about it ... AND because I am not sure how the body reacts to this sort of shit .. ... I am taking tomorrow off from work ... cause I already have my neck/shoulders/back/arms that are sore... unable to ingest anti-imflammatories due to being allergic!

So ya .... anyone of you here me yelling & having a hissy fit ... cause some stranger already knew I was crazed! .... NOBODY is allowed to hit the Indigo Blue Mazda5!

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lujza said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear....