Thursday, January 21, 2010

thirty five bucks

Has bought me renewed walking abilities.

The treads were going south I believe, on the current NB runners. They seemed OK., I was still walking OK, but the little foot inside wasn't feeling OK.

Ratta-min-yatta I say.

So I tried on a pair of  "what seemed to be" running runners from Costco... and the fact that they had an air cushion beneath the heal. Music to me... on the feet.. ( and in the ears!) I bought them.

They will do me for the next couple of months.. there's no sneezing at 35 bucks for a pair of runners that is going to get me around the track and up and down stairs.

In todays exciting new PERCY PERRI adventures:

The 500 year old Korean fellow was out in full force.. walking the track, the side streets and the entrance points to the stadium. He still scares me.... him and his little white gloves.

The scottish ladies were not there today... being all big about owning their third and fourth lanes and all. These two woman brushed shoulders with some slower 3rd & 4th laners yesterday. Whoaaa down there Scottish ladies...  these ladies are in good competition with the 500 Korean man in walking speeds... there is no catching up to them.

The Caucasian contingent had a better showing today. WE can take some lessons from others that put their health first. OK.. before you go all INTERNATIONAL on me...  it is clearly an evidence based observation that when we go to the track there are not that many caucasians, but rather Korean/Asian looking individuals... where it is my HONEST thought that they value their health more than us slower poked white folks...

Then there is the paranthethes runner... more on that after I straighten the PIPS hair....