Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do not be afraid...

I know I once was... but now I am not.

The boy and his purple shirt are exactly him.

It's subtle loudness and yet deep warmth is true to his character.

Of course mixed with a sheer smattering of craziness.

He is all that.

In other things to NOT be afraid of:

This very morning... yes, I was afraid of the morning.

I wished not to see it.. I wished for rain, I wished for great torrents of rain. I wished for great grandious cups of coffee that had an endless amount of cream. I wished for a marathon of new episodes of "say yes to the dress". I wished that I wished that I could stay in my P-J-Jamas all day, even though that goes against my greatest laws of life.

I wished for many things this very morning that involved doing nothing .. at all.

Oooops... fairy godmother wishy lady failed to make an appearance... and rather I was left:

Washing the face, nodding at how agreeable my hair was this morning, applying lipstick, finding an extra pair of pants to throw under the yoga pants, zipping up my favourite blue "autism awareness" jacket, throwing coffee in a travel cup, slurping back a tylenol for arthritis, watching say yes to the dress for 20 beautiful minutes, and then driving away.

And went walking.

AND people.. I will say.. it was a gor-G-ous morning... AND people.. I HAD to convince myself to go... AND people... the raw raw team sister (pictured below) felt the exact way I did... AND people... I just kept saying to myself... "you freak show... you would have been hissing flying F words all over the place had it been raining and I would have wanted to go to my favourite location in the world...". So I went, with the sister, and we walked for 75 minutes, it almost break neck speed, but not quite break neck speed, and didn't even feel like doing stairs.... because PEOPLE I didn't feel like doing stairs. Maybe my stairs will come back to me this morning...

Apparently I am working very hard at NOT being afraid of this morning.. and so far I have conquered the great outdoors in the beautiful sunshine.


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