Monday, January 25, 2010

chocolate chippendales.

Whatever that is.... it just came to my brain, and I figured I better write it down.

Life is like that.

Ink and a notepad. It can take you places.

In other places I went today... across the bridge.. to Surrey.. I came home, with myself and the vehicle intact. The criminals probably weren't quite up yet... and we left before they had a chance to realized that it was a foreign vehicle visiting from the other side of the water. Ha!

The Fussilini has adamantly put her foot down about the NEW non-almost-maybe job that I have applied for. She has vehemently spewed her opposition to anymore weekend work. I have to say that I very much agree with her... but the position is, what the position is. So now... is this what I am faced with....?

I did draft up a very quick email to another manager... and asked her about a job that really doesn't exist. BECAUSE I do stuff like that people.. I just do? Why plan out calculated emails when you can BLAST things through ciberspace, only to semi-regret the maneuver two seconds later. IN FACT... I just thought about the Recreation Therapist girl at my very own hospital... I think I will email that manager about the verysame thing... and the hospital over the road, and up the hill, then down again.... I'm just going to keep firing off idiotic emails until I get an answer.... now that's a strategic plan.

Speaking of chocolate chippendales.. I was just dreaming of some chocolate.. well.. something that has some pecans added to it.. or nuts of any sorts really... but then I like the caramel added in for the sticky scrumptious flavour..... and what am I having now... a pink drink... crystal light.... yes, that will rid me of any chocolate dreams that I am seeming to have.

In other things related to my life but not important at all:

I have a decision to make in exactly 31 minutes. Do I get changed and go walking, or for-go it for another day, KNOWING that I will not crumple and DIE if I miss out. That decision will be based on the excitability state of my mind in NOW 30 minutes, or that the second dose of coffee has kicked in. OH, and the rain will play a big part in the decision making process.

OH people, people, people.. I have been gone all day... and there have been gremlins in my home.. I must go and straighten out the little locations where gremlins have made themselves visible.

Disliking the gremlins at this moment....

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