Friday, January 08, 2010

It was supposed to be a date!

Probably the world around has someone in their life:

My friend Kim.

I am not certain why I should have to announce "my friend" before the name... because really.... would I preface a person otherwise "my most despised person in my life ....", or " the man that I sleep with everynight.....", or "this product of our love (child)....".

No.. I do not. It's just weird... and it makes for weird looks, and even weirder conversation.

BUT... I insist on calling this girl/lady/female "my friend". Like it needs a justification/ explanation before the real story unfolds.

So... my friend KIM tells me last week that she is going to join "whale watchers". I believe I dubbed it that name a number of years ago, or she was calling it that name.. when she had joined one more time, but I didn't know that she was actually joining "weight watchers", but in fact this cool new ORCA endeavour. I asked her where she went to go to "whale watchers", and at the time it was in a community centre, or church or somewhere... and I wanted to know what exactly they did at "whale watchers" in a community centre... watch slide shows of captured images of whales. So how many pictures do these people really get... and aren't they all similar... or is the whale watcher group studying pods and dorsal fins?

"You idiot" my friend Kim said to me....
"I'm joining WEIGHT watchers... not whale watchers... is there even a group for that...?" my friend Kim continued on, in hysterics.

Ever since then... it has been forever known as whale watchers.

Last week my friend Kim told me that she was once again joining "whale watchers". I congratulated her, and was happy that she had found another seven people to join with her. She decided to NOT ASK me to join... because first and foremost... the meetings are on Thursdays... and since I do not like going to work at all, even when I am paid.... she figured that driving to work to only stand on a scale would be more than I could probably handle, especially since I WAS NOT getting paid. She was perfectly correct in her assumption.

My friend Kim and I talked about my divorce... from food, and I might not be a candidate to become a whale watcher since they try and make you eat things like... bread and other such hideous (but healthy) items, and "alot" points for stuff like hawkins cheezies, which again.. I have completely divorced....

Thus... I was waiting for her to fill me in on her first day as a "pod" going to whale watchers together....

When I get the call...

She is calling me from her cell phone.

I ask my friend Kim. "was whale watchers that exciting that you couldn't wait to get back to the unit to call, you had to call from your cell phone....?"

My friend Kim informs me that she has had to leave work because her vision is blurry... so she is DRIVING to the opthamologist .... of course she pauses...

"Welcome to McDonalds drive-thru, what would you like to order....?"

I start to laugh.

I am no help to my friend Kim.

"Whale watchers" was cancelled, and she was going to make the most of it!

My friend Kim... she always makes me laugh.

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