Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ASk the neighbours..

They witnessed it.

A lady, her wheelbarrel and a shovel.

That's how it all went down.

Load after load... I walked back my driveway.

Well.. sometimes I even zigzagged.

I DID listen to my music.

Sometimes the rake was my dancing partner, and so was the shovel... I didn't want hurt feelings with the inanimate objects you know.

The neighbours tried to talk to me... but I had my dancing hands on between shoveling and wheelbarreling.

It was a fabulous psychotic event. Practically a success.

I almost think the greatest fun was hosing down the driveway. LOVE the hose. I had to clear away all the mud from the driveway, and down the street... before one of the crazy neighbours came home.... I needed to clear all evidence as to howcome there was now mud sitting in front of her driveway (as it made its way to the drainagey thingy)... didn't want her to know it was me....

Hmmmm.... I believe the only thing I was shoveling last year was snow... and now today again I will be out there raking the rocks back into the grooves that the husbandman has made.

What an exciting adventure for me...I am just the luckiest....

Just ASK the neighbours!

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Chaos is my Life said...

So where exactly does Susan live? I think the cops were sitting at the wrong house! ;o) Crazy lady.