Thursday, January 07, 2010

The real 2010:

Let me see here:
  • Mr Psychotic Roadrage van driving hooded moron tried to run me off the road.  ( I slammed on my brakes to NOT KILL the texting  person with a poodle on those stupid extensible leashes out for a rollerblade on a dark night... instead: instead Mr. Roadrage tried to run me off the road). Hmmm. Nice
  • Neighbourman calls... see here see... I got some info you live in a white house with blue trim you see, and the house down the street is a blue house with white trim you see....and the blue house with the white trim was broken into you see, but I think they were gunning for your house you see, do you see the connection, is there any information you can hand over to me....?.OK Mr Detective where is this going here....?
  • A little while later one of the Queens Cowboys is on our doorstep... looking for the boy... and asking him questions...., on the boys birthday no less. Happy Birthday Boy... from the Queens Cowboys to you....
  • Then shall we talk abou the psycho phone call from the MIL. Things have been going fine... she has some beautiful little quirks about her... and as a DIL, one says nothing. So when she calls on his birthday and he is not home, it is clear in her line of questioning that she is already making some pretty interesting assumptions. To end the phone call quickly.. I continue to say nothing, mind you I tried to clear her line of reasoning.. but that was too late...
  • In an effort to ensure/instill politeness in my boy I ask him to call his grama back the following day (after his birthday, and after the purchase of his new electric guitar with some of the money she gave him). I wished for him to let her know what he had bought... ( I knew he was going to buy this... but I didn't want to tell her)... and that it wasn't crack cocaine, or even worse, an ounce of that money spent on his girlfriend... even if it might have been a single eraser tip for her pencil. About 3.4 seconds into the phone call she lights into him... basically tells him that on this path he is currently on that he will end up in the streets, begging for money, and playing bad music, with nowhere to live, and will never make anything of himself, and beat random people at bus stops for expired transit passes... you know that sort of stuff. NIIIIIIIIIICE. VERRY VERRRRY nice.
  • So, OK. that is out of my area of any kind of rational sense making. I re-interpret her words for her.... "Since you are not just like your very nice cousins who all do very well in school, as well work hard at doing well, she is concerned that you are not reaching your full potential as a student yourself... she wishes the same thing for you.. except she has a weird way of explaining it". OH.. and I did offer up the advice that maybe it's best if he didn't make the random phone calls to her again... and I apologized for suggesting that he should have done so... what kind of complete screw up of a mother am I .... ???
  • I started running up stairs yesterday... started with the walk, and then increased it to the bouncy running up stairs..  I believe that is where I am headed at this very moment... back to the track/stairs.... if I were to go back 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 8 months, last year, a year and a half ago. ... I wouldn't have been running up stairs.
  • That has been 2010 so far. What are we in... 7 days worthy?
  • Oh yes.. I fail to mention... that the Fussinator is going skiing today... SKIING. The girl can barely walk a straight line... let alone.... things that make you go fast down a hilllllllllll!

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Chaos is my Life said...

We should trade "shoes" for a and I are living the high life with this psychosis!