Saturday, July 27, 2013


Can now find me here. 

I have avoided this whole on the fly sort of deal .. But have also come to the conclusion that perhaps I'm not so traditional.

Lets get this right .. 

I don't like to cook ... I am neat .. Except I am one to not be bothered if things are UNneat. I don't have real jobs, but rather parts and pieces of many. I have quite a rare and odd health condition, which I'm fortunate to be in both good health, and awkwardly bad health at the same time. I talk with my hands while not being Italian, and have lots to say about very little. My view of the big picture is generally skewed by my failing to see the big picture like other people do. I'm a planner and a impulsive all in one. I'm certainly no different than any one of the other I habitants of this world .. I just share my philosophy right here .. Ok and holy shit .. A tiny bird just landed .. And I thought it was a rat. Gawd. 

Oh and in other things far more exciting .. I now have this app so I can off load a ton of crazy dog pictures .. That because I've clogged the rest of the news feeds with them .. I might just continue with that trend. 

Like  these:

Look how happy he is .. Now I'm just that happy .. Blogger on the go .. Watch the millions of viewers and readers erupt .. Cha Ching ! 

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