Friday, July 26, 2013

Well I .....

Better go plug in my curling iron. Today's hair style is gonna need some crimping.

Am glad the boy is over there ... however I wish him now to be back over here.

See that the girl has finally got herself some real sunshine colour. Happy is .. sunshine.

Have the doggy locked in his baby boy house. He's so full of beans the whole north side is beginning to turn sour.

Have a bunch of holes to fill. See above.

Am drinking another semi cup of coffee. This one had to hit the microwave I did such a piss poor job of drinking.

Better get this drinking problem under control.

Better rephrase the last statement .. I should this drinking problem a little more OUT of control.

Am still currently happy with my LED light therapy thingo's. They are doing the trick... and they are real tricks to the eyes ... even though ONE would not believe me ... cause it all happened on the internet.

Best think about putting on some lip and stick, and colour up my eyes with my NEW hypo-allergenic and opthamology approved eye stuff ... let's see if I manage to make myself go all house eyed with stuff !

Better instruct the fuss on how to put things she doesn't want in a bag. Currently they are sitting in a laundry hamper, which need to be transferred. Interesting .. one can transfer ten thousand illegal files, but can not physically move an item into a bag.

Shouldn't say the shit like that above .. illegal ... no no no ... borrowed. Permanently.

Am waiting for more inspiration to write something exciting.

Better get on that tomorrow.

Will say good bye... my single loyal reading person.

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