Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't lose your hat

It's hot our there.

Just a word of advice I would give ... if this were an advice blog. Currently it is not; if people were to write in with their questions, which they don't, then maybe it could be .. which leads me to come up with my very own stories of ... well .... scroll a little, but don't hold a fork ... it will save your eyebulbs in the end, or your carotids. Gawd.

Can you just imagine .. the word of the hour is ... ? A  question an hour kind of thing .... I would have to become worldly and news filled, and have people constantly updating me on what was happening around the rest of the globe, and not just the noise level of the horrifying children that live and SCREAM behind us. ALL. THE. TIME.

I think I might really HATE those children .. no wait .. I already do. The parents all have to be deaf .. who lets children scream and wale and annoy the living shit out of the rest of the human world ... for that many hours out of the day ... ? I think this could be some sort of horrific experiment ... maybe.

In other random facts of the day ... a baby was born, perhaps a future KING ... I marvel at peoples level of disgust over the situation ... uhmm ... people settle down .. it's a life ... any LIFE is worth celebrating .. it just happens that this life has a pretty mother, and a handsome father FFS. That is all.

In other hat filled events:

I can say that nothing noteworthy has exceeded my expectations since yesterday ... of course there is the current situation with the resident bear that keeps us on our toes .. wondering when he will next pop up ... he left a tell tale sign in the centre of the street in front of Jennifer's house ...

In other things ... does anyone know about PAPER YOGA?? Yes .. it's hard to GOOGLE ... cause I just made it up. I think in reality .. it's what I did the other day ... a poster board, soothing thoughts ... images and glue ... and the ability to be free. And flowing. WOW ... now that is PAPER YOGA. Dont take my idea bitches ... it's MINE !! copyrights here first!

In things that are not currently funny on this screen, but SCREAM funny in my world ....

Everyday I start the day with Adventures with Angus ... this is a whole theme of craziness, which I post on FACEBOOK for all my besties to WITNESS. What the hell do I do that for ? Well ... it's just so people can breathe in and breathe out for a millisecond of refreshing laughter .. before re-engaging with their lifes journey. Think of all the instant laughs that I might have made for a zillion or so souls in the past 100 years I have been alive. THATS A LOT!

Part of the above has been a LIE ... in actuality it's been 200 years I've been alive, I don't have the actual documentation to prove it .. but I do have the assorted  6th, 7th and 8th sense that there are more people that are with me, than just me. So. There.

Back to my life with the question and answer period, and this title ... if someone were to post a question anonymously .. I wonder if I would answer it? I mean I know something ... mostly about nothing ... so I'm sure it would be an exercise in excitement for me to come up with an answer. AND for you semi-asshole types .. if it's political jargon .. well ... then I will start talking bear offerings, like that left in front of Jennifer's house.

On that note .. with Mr. Angus safely napping, and me needing to make an appearance at the local coffee house .. I best be making myself look ... well .. lovely ... because I am capable of that sort of stuff. Except maybe not today .. today is a cover-up .. I can shoot for beauty tomorrow ... I can't believe it's already 10 am ... and I'm already hoping tomorrow will be beauty day ... how did today get to be such a right off already.

Well ...looks like today I better not lose my hat!

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