Monday, July 22, 2013

creative chaos

So yesterday was probably the most remarkable in the greatest of longest times that have been thrown my way in an absurd number of minutes that have slowly ticked past.

When things come together sometimes .... things really come together. I like life's moments when all the chunky parts fit into my great shoebox of stories, of course leaving open the option for a little overflow .. out through the top.

I watched crazy boy jump in the backseat of the little car, so they could drive and pickup their touring van ... and out on the big road they would go. You know how you dread that final moment ... he's gone ... well ... he was gone just that quick ... the last minute jumper cables strewn across the backseat ... to embark upon big adventures traveling across four provinces. Wow. Cool. Wish I had the brawn, braves, talent and passion to have done the same thing at his age. There is no what next for this guy ... only a free range of what's coming at them. Fortunately .. it was not the moose lying on the side of the highway ... only a giant grasshopper stuck in their grill that crazy boy insisted would have eaten him for lunch. They are headed through the rockies today ... I am so grateful he will get to feel their majestic power and brilliance through to his fingertips. I have a feeling for the mr piano playing boy ... this will serve for inspiration. I did ask too ... that if he were to spot a grizzly ... the inspiration to actually photograph it for me would be a kind gesture to the crazy bear loving mother ! This next two weeks will be a lifetime of adventure into his 100's !!

In things equally marvelous, stupendous and colourfully eye popping exciting:

A friend last minute face.booked me and invited me to her friends garden. I questioned her ... as in .... is it a plant sale, or a viewing .... cool ... not a plant sale, but rather a reason to celebrate the hardworking efforts of the garden space around her. I loved it ... I absolutely loved it ... just getting to melb in with the colours that keep my brain soothed by my own lack of garden-ness this year. I will not fault myself .. an obvious decision based on the fact ... I don't know ... just something I had to give up this year. It was that shell cracking braveness that makes you walk into a complete strangers yard by yourself, and not even explain who you actually are. That for me was comical, like I was on a spy mission ... sort of. I didn't offer up an explanation either! There was no point ... we were all there for the same reason ... to enjoy the whimseys of someone's gardening magic, far beit mine!

AND then when things don't stop ... this happens:

I realized that I had completely overbooked my world yesterday. Too much, too crazy, too many obligations ... the fallout is the anguish of dealing with that window of pain that serves too much of my attention for great parts of the day ... which .. I work hard at  trying to completely ignore ... so ... as things somedays are meant to be ... things just started unfolding ... I had cooperation on all levels with the pain gods, and we worked out a deal ... I needed to get through these tasks of the day ... it was important. It would give me something to write about ... today of course. Gawd. Come on all you followers out there ... you know I got nothing ! he he he he he he he.

Anyways ... back to the adventures ... I was going to cancel ... and then I didn't, and am very thankful for that thought process to have willed me to carry on .. I'm not a canceller of sorts kinda person. Not my style ... however if people cancel on me ... well ... that is how life rolls some days ... however mine ... was rolling in the right direction. GAWD ... liven the thrill. I'd say.

I didn't know really what to expect at my workshop event. I mean I kinda knew .. but wasn't really sure where it would take me ... but i knew one thing .. I would come across clarity ... or a direction, or an avenue, or a new way of thinking .. about who I am . ... or my next path in life. Sounds DEEP. yes, it probably is, however .. I am not really afraid of the deep end ... unless of course I am in the middle of the ocean, then there is that TITANIC TERROR that uncoincidentaly does arise.

So I made a picture board ... using all sorts of images, and random words. The workshop director called it "words out" ... finding a hidden message or a meaning using the images and words that have come together on the board. Interestingly mind didn't emerge as words FREAKING out... It was quite simple, and yet quite cool ... kinda like scrapbooking, but not. There was nobody but yourself to please. I was quite pleased, it's fun to please no one. Thank gawd. The friend is running another workshop next week, I would really wish to go .. and am having a hard time saying no ... it kinda boils down to cash, and the timing ... it's downtown .. and finishes at 4:00 ... right at the beginning/middle of rush hour. And yet ... I really wish to do another .. as I am only just getting started being creative again .. Im thinking. Maybe I am semi creative ... actually ... I think I might be more creative than I let myself me. FRicking life obligations. What a good excuse !Which I am tired of using ... non the less maybe it's time to stop using that as an excuse and become more of something that I see for myself. WELL .. I see myself reading a book ... and that doesn't even happen ... so uhmmm .. being creative with objects and items and paint brushes probably is still complex for me at this second. Dont ask me how that is. I need a driver ... CHUCK .. get me to the studio ... now there it is folks ... that will make me creative ... he will even order my starbucks for me with one of my ten thousand gift cards that I keep creating with my cashed in pop cans. Now that is fricking creative .... trading water bottles for coffee cards. I am the next CHEESUS. Except I am a cheap CHEESUS ... cause I only want to buy a TWO DOLLAR cup of coffee .. non of that fancy pants triple foamed single shotted minus water shit that other people spit out ... It's interesint how coffee and complicated can be put into the same sentence, and it seems to make sense. So .. back to CHUCK my new driver ... and driving me to the studio ... hmmm will wait a bit longer before I make my decision. .. although in reality .... however that works in my fake world .... should be easy .... JUST do IT. IDIOT.

So .. back to my day ... that was the day before yesterday now .. I had to give up writing ... well .. because I just couldn't write any longer ... the pain from this EVER SO WONDERFULLY HEALING FOOT was creating a living purgatory ... nope ..that's a lie .. actually a slide straight to HELL ..while trying to stay in communicado with my little blogosphere world that I have created here ...

AT any rate ... me, the Fuss, the lovely Lady J and her equally lovely mother went off to BRUNO MARS ... in the greatest of places VANCOUVER ... and had the best time, first we ate, and drank and made our way to Rogers Arena ... I didn't even consider going to see Bruno until the boyson said he was taking Miss J ..... now this guy turned out to be just lovely... well ... my boyson and BRUNO MARS himself. . Although he didn't talk to the moon, as I was hoping he would. The boyson was supposed to be the accompanmient ... but he was busily visiting Prince George with his band. LAWD knows why ...

A semi long day, and well into the night ... but well worth it ... and that is how it all looked yesterday ... and into today ... and now for more news ...

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