Monday, July 08, 2013

Halt !

You have reached the RED light district !!

A very long almost ONE month ago I posted about these fancy dancy LED (light emitting diodes) infrared lights. Yes ... a whole almost ONE month ago.

I will break down the timeline:

Dr after different Dr visits. On and on for months. Being met with stares of disbelief, and looks of futility. I read peoples minds people. Unfortunately these very well schooled people were searching for ways of helping .. however ... their plans to succeed were met with a failure ... called me. Well, not me per say ... just the BIG challenge of ONE LITTLE foot. Which completely refused to heal, in any way shape or form. Interesting, to say the least.

June 1st arrives, and I take a picture of that one little ugly foot. The PICTURE that changed my world.

For the past (well now more than) 30 days, until July 1st ... I watched this foot transform. This little foot has transformed from one slightly horrific gargantuan mess with no end marked in sight ... for what seems like a light beam ...

On June 5th I embarked on this LED light therapy ... OK ... I guess this seems to be working .. immediately (well almost) the pain settled down. ( I was to be fooled) .... so for 5 days I drove for 2 1/2 hours to catch beams of infrared on this little foot. ... it seemed worth it ... I slept ... like for the whole night, THROUGH. No, this wasn't me being crazy .. I actually slept.

June 9th .. I purchased my own set ... and I can now openly honestly whole heartedly admit thru and thru and thru again .. I will never look back on that day. From that day forward I have been utilizing the healing powers of these LED lights .. and wondering to myself .. does my foot actually look better .. ?? The pictures tell the real story.

What I can tell you .. that pain relief .. was short lived .. it was replaced by agonizing relentless pain, kind of indescribable in a sense. So what I have began to surmise over the now (longer than) course of the month is the very horrific pain that I have been subject to has been healing pain.

Wow. Healing pain. Nice ... so now .. you take a foot, which doesn't heal, but loves to break down (or remain inflamed), and FORCE it to heal .. you tell me ... fun or not fun ? The foot has spent the past year and a half in charge of whatever it wishes to do ... and now, it's no longer the boss, isn't in charge of all things that are angry. It is kicking and screaming and having it's very own hissy fit of madness because it has had the wind sucked out of it's sails ... and is having to play follow the leader to happiness. It's pissed.

However ..the real owner of this whole mess is part and parceling her way through the day ... somedays there are good days ... where the painful poison of the previous inflamed demon settles itself, and there is energy that abounds ... and then there are days where the pain sensors are ringing off the charts, and this person is none too happy about the whole mess. I look at this foot and stare in wonderment .. how can this freaking wound cause this much havic ? How is this even possible ? If someone were to look at this foot now ...they would tell me I am nuts .. completely cracked insane assylum building worthy ... off I go .. Key .. what key?

I have kept an ongoing UGLY foot detail of the healing progress on my iphone. I have taken pictures once a day, even twice a day .. just to document the amount of healing that has gone into this ulcer, in just a months time. If I hadn't of been the absolute recipient to this amount of healing, in this short of time, I would have proclaimed it not possible, absolutely impossible ! A wound that has remained in a state of unhealing for easily over 7 months, has practically healed up within just over a months time. Uhm. Whacko birdy ... come back to your cage ... someone calls to me ...

I guess with that amount of healing ... for whatever reason, there is a certain amount of violent pain that accompanies this whole mess. Cells are regenerating at LIGHT speed, and nerve cells are fire crackering left right and center ... and tissues are setting up new networks of relationships, and a whole host of excitement is busily transforming once was a massive state of chaos. That in itself sounds painful.

I think I am almost used to the state at which this is healing ...  on top of the pain, there is the state of
tiredness that creeps its way into your life. Yes ... hmmnn. ... sit down on this couch .. let me hear this story ... however true it is. Yes .. I am to guess slash conclude that with this rate of healing .. it probably tires out the body in the regenerating cell factory. Fancy speak I am going to guess. Where once I was exhausted dealing with the trauma of the foot itself, now I am just tired from the state of perpetual regeneration. Healing is work. I'm guessing.

This is a whole lot of fluff from the mind of a boring crackerbird .. but I am surmizing this might just be the case ... whether belieable or not. At any rate ... where I wished to walk on the beach, and let this foot touch sand .. I might just reach that milestone by the end of this summer .. at least that's my guess ... although .. me actually risking anything touching this foot outside of a bandage, and some infrared lights may be far be the case it seems.

Wow .... that was a whole lot of surmizing and guessing. However .. forever documented this will be. !

Any diabetics in your life, where wound healing issues are a threat to their health ? Perhaps looking into this infrared LED light therapy could be a game changer for all those non healing wounds out there. Scary to think ... light ... that heals ... ? Well .. I am walking proof that this isn't the hokus pokus that I was terrified it might be ... there is nothing that I have done in the last month that could have healed this wound at the incredible speed to which it has healed .. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ... except purchase a very expensive set of lights that I have put on my foot daily ... for up to three times a day. Wow.

In other things far more exciting ... that I can think of .... remotely ... maybe ...

So now that I own someone that has graduated from highschool ... life becomes far more interesting in the parenting department. The rules change. Somehow. I'm not sure how that is ... but they do. This is a learning curve in all departments ... for years .. we were left in charge of destiny ... now .. he's in charge ... now I am just a little bird that chirps words that keep him plunking forward. He has three days off from his job .. I asked him why he has three days off ... !!? I suggested that he go talk to his people ... and ask for any extra hours they can find .... he is in need of a great amount of money ... in the coming weeks (uhm .. who isn't?) ... mind you ..he's young ... and doesn't know this kind of stuff ... so instead of three days off .. what about two days ? ... I'm hoping he gets my drift .. as in ... SEEK MORE HOURS !! oh crazy boy of min !

Poochy boy is making his advances in the world of craziness. We can now give him a soft bird, which we have dubbed "gentle bird" ... because that is what he is beginning to demonstrate ... that he can be GENTLE with his BIRD ... which means that we don't have to take it away from him 5 minutes after we give it to him. His other soft toys have been chewed, ripped, stretched and demolished ...  they no longer exist ... odd ! I think the whole thing gentle is a learned thing .. he loves to bite .. everything ... a lot .. a whole lot ... but given that he is a real thinking dog ... we keep him busy ... and kind of out of trouble. When he starts getting the case of the bads, and insists on behaving in ways that we ask him not to, it's time for a nap ... poor guy ... looks like a big boy dog .... with big white fangs chomping at the bit .. and yet ... off he goes ... in for his nap, .. where he plunks over .. and ZZZZZZZZ's up a storm ... although it is a forced ZZZ storm ... all the same .. if he wasn't tired, and just bored .... he would put up some form of protest .. maybe sort of !

I never speak of getting my hair coloured any longer ... I guess it becomes boring when one is NOT in charge of these sorts of things any more. I gave up with the boxed colour a way big time ago .. and now belong to the assorted fairy tale of adventures of heading to a salon ... for the colouring madness to commence. How fortunate for me ... that I am just "that rich!" And laughter ensues. Big Time.

Is it bad that I am going to apply for a job for the little miss fusspot ?? She requires a job ... her choir will be embarking on another large trip this next spring (2014), and that will require large sums of money ... I think I would like her to pay for half of it ... or ... if they are going someplace good .. I would like to tag along for the ride !! Now that would be comical fun .. No? It think yes ... big fun .. as I would just be along for the ride .. paying my way, with no real responsibility ... other than an adult presence in the vicinity. They were talking about New York or New Orleans ... either one would be cool.... I'm guessing. In the meantime ... I am on a mission for this girl to become gainfully employed ... at something .. this is the first summer in a great long number of summers that she actually has NOTHING to do .. last summer she volunteered up a storm ... which she said she would never do again ... and then the other day .. out popped the question .. do you think it would be too late for me to try and do some volunteering somewhere ..? Poor fuss ... this girl LOVES to be busy ... doing something ... however the second she becomes busy .. then I become busy ... hmmmm ... one has to be careful of what they wish for !

Currently I wish for another cup of coffee .. it isn't hard ... boil kettle. add starbucks. it's that simple. challenging daily event ONE oh ONE.

In case any of my loyal followers are wondering ... I am big into trying to NOT do anything today .. and yesterday ... and probably tomorrow . and maybe the day following. I have had some revelations ... that have come only one year too late .. I'm thinking ... or at least ONE month less late . or maybe ... while I am in this state of perpetual speed healing .. I am trying to do nothing that remotely taxes my energies. Sounds whimp like and cry baby ISH ... however my theory is exactly this ... DO NOTHING that will institute stress or discourse while this hyper healing state is wildly happening. I'm thinking that the tiredness ( I am  not even sure whether it can be documented as tiredness), or rather this state of NON BEING is what is keeping me on the down low ... I guess I failed to mention three thousand paragraphs back .... all of this craziness is under the direction and guidance of  .... me. None of the doctory people around these parts (or that I have dealt with) know anything about this (LED light therapy business), nor do the wound care nurses, and the person who is the light therapist kind of person, is (I don't want to say JUST, because the implications are dismissive like) a person that has a health and wellness background, however doesn't have a medical background. There is one person that the light therapist person converses with, and he is a Doctor - way into the Americas, which in some cases is a world away, and yet not, however .. he sees pictures taken from an iphone, which can be deceiving in a positive/negative way. I have no communicado with him ... and no support, other than the light therapist person that had completely massive success using the lights, however her condition albeit the same, was worldy different .. (so yes ...other than the approval from the doctors around here that I have nothing to lose .. although they know nothing about this type of treatment)  ... that is the state at which I am currently in. Gotta wonder why I seem so wildly confused about so many things ... semi sort of.

One thing ... perhaps whacko jacko humour has found it's way back ... on sporadic occasions ... I mean it's there .. but not there ... or maybe I never had it .. and thought I did ...

In other things semi comical ... I was busily playing words with friends with someone that I know ... she invited me to play ... after two games ... that I thought we were highly evenly matched .... she rejected an offer to play a third game with me ... drag .... what's the deal with that ... other than ... upon checking her stats ... she sits in pretty high ranking in points ... and big word scores ... perhaps evil came to town ... when I beat her both times. (echoes of chuckles ... from the grand 1365 square foot house erupt from the open doors and windows ....

That is all ..

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